Art Contest Winners

The last three weeks have been nothing short of a creative well storm! Although we could only pick ten winners, the decision was far from easy with winners showing themselves in every medium.
Every submission was a winner and our judges have sifted through the entries and found ten that they believe perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Revelation Online and its artistic community. Join us in congratulating:

Rank Name Prize
1 Eiryue (Snowpine) Peeps
2 nyaoXneko (Divine Overlook) Fluffy
3 Ophia (Tidewater) Magpie Flight Outfit
4 Yzel (Darkfall) Dream Dust
5 KisaraFury (Moonsea) Cosmetic Appointment Card
6 Ruddi (Moonsea) 10x Rainbow Box
7 Anemone (Moonsea) 10x Rainbow Box
8 Evahn (Divine Overlook) 10x Rainbow Box
9 Sattyra (Tidewater) 10x Rainbow Box
10 Mosy (Tidewater) 10x Rainbow Box

1 / 1
Eiryue (Snowpine)
nyaoXneko (Divine Overlook)
Ophia (Tidewater)
Yzel (Darkfall)
KisaraFury (Moonsea)
Ruddi (Moonsea)
Anemone (Moonsea)
Evahn (Divine Overlook)
Sattyra (Tidewater)
Mosy (Tidewater)

From everyone at the Revelation Online Team: Thank You!

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