Wicked Websale Weekend - Mount Madness!

Want to take to the vast seas on a mount that’s perfect for the water? Want to ride across Velvet Lea’s open plains? We’ve got you covered!

Until August 21st, 14:00 CEST (5am PDT), you can get big savings on many unique and mysterious looking mounts. Learn more about what we have in store for you this weekend!

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Travel in luxury

Tired of swimming about in Eventide beach? Tired of running to those pesky quest givers? Then our exclusive webshop offer is for you! Hop into your White Swan and swim across Nuanor’s oceans or grab a saddle and get on the back of the Auspicious steed. Heading to war? Grab your helmet and ride into battle with the Darksteel and Golden warhorses! All these mounts are available for a limited time time only so be sure to check out this week’s Wicked Weekend Sale!

Item Description Price
1 White Swan This two person Swan Mount can only be used in water. Glide along the water with a friend. 1,487 Aurum
2 Auspicious Steed A two person ram mount with a red saddle and rains. Saddle up and ride around Nuanor with a friend. 1,487 Aurum
3 Darksteel War Horse A single person horse mount covered in dark steel armor. 382 Aurum
4 Golden War Horse A single person horse mount covered in gold plated armor. 382 Aurum
5 Divine Riding Medicine - Extreme Maintains a mount's Fullness. Using it will set the current mount's Fullness at 100 for 30 days, keeping it merry and providing a 10% speed bonus. 83 Aurum
6 Mount Boost Spirit - Extreme Speeds up mount fusion. Using it can increase fusion efficacy for the current mount for 30 days. 83 Aurum


Don't let this amazing offer pass you by and miss your chance to cool yourself off on this relaxing ride

Speed up in style!

New to Nuanor or just want to match your friends’ power? Want to stand out from the crowd for the next party at the hot springs? Visit our ingame mall and grab one of our four Packs to catch up with your friends in style! Remember, however, these items are unique so can only be opened once per character.

Item Description Permanent Discount
7 Starter Helper Pack A Starter pack containing what you need to begin your journey in Nuanor. 80%
8 Emerald Experience Pack The Emerald Experience pack contains items that will make boosting your stats that little bit easier. 72%
9 Fashion Pack For all the fashionista’s to get a new outfit and stand out in the crowd! 62%
10 Decisive Force XP Pack The Decisive Force XP pack contains everything an experienced player needs! 34%


Give yourself a helping hand

In addition to the above sales, for your convenience we have decided that for the foreseeable future you will be able to purchase the following items from our webshop:

Item Description Price
12 Large Whimsy Bead Pouch Using it will increase Whimsy by 1,000. Whimsy can help trainees transmute. 18 Aurum
13 Large Magic Potion This pill can powerfully activate the potential of a trainee. Using it will increase monster XP gained by 100% for 30 minutes. 28 Aurum
14 Returning Soul You can use this item to use “Respawn Here” (consumes one per attempt). 48 Aurum
15 Restorative Philter Designed specifically for new players. Taking it will instantly recover all HP and Mana. Can only be used by Level 1-44 players. 5 Aurum
16 Panacea Premium wine from Emollion. Drinking it instantly recovers all HP and Mana. 48 Aurum
17 Tome of Forgiveness Removes all Slayer Value. Cooldown is 10 minutes. Can only be used up to three times a day. 298 Aurum
18 Tome of Forgiveness Manuscript Removes all Slayer Value. Cooldown is 24-hours.Can only be used once a day. 88 Aurum
19 Journey from Lampyr Participate in a Lampyr Creek or Karstad Journey Quest within 30 minutes of reading it to earn 100% XP. 9 Aurum
20 Battler's Aquavit Using it can add 75 points to the Left Special Skill and Right Special Skill. 48 Aurum

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Hurry though - our Wicked Websale Weekend offer ends on August 21st, 14:00 CEST (5am PDT)!

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