Valentine’s Day lucky lootbox giveaway

Like the very best days that punctuate the calendar, Valentine’s is a day for both giving and receiving. Typically one gives their undying affection to a potential sweetheart, then receives the crushing pain of having their dreams turn to dust, often in front of a live audience. Oh well, pride notwithstanding, at least it’s a cheap date.


For us, love is an unconditional thing. We give it freely (and randomly) and expect none in return. Head over to myLoot between February 14, 00:00 CET (February 13, 3am PST) and February 15, 23:59 CET (02:59pm PST) and grab your free heart-shaped lootboxes. You can claim one of each (Ersich Love Chest and Ersina's Loving Gift) and you’ll surely swoon with delight at the contents of your free lovecrate. And if love doesn’t visit you on this day of all days, just go out and buy yourself some chocolate.

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