Valentine Competition Winners

Everyone remembers their first romantic encounter, that first rush of blood to the head after discovering they share an almost supernatural connection with another human being. Aside from the connection being digital and occasionally a bit laggy, the same is true of Revelation Online’s romantically involved couples.
We know this because to celebrate Valentine’s Day numerous Revelation Online pact mates posted their stories of love and affection to our Discord channel. For those of us who had to go out and buy our own heart-shaped chocolate boxes this year, it was more than enough to remind us of what it’s like to receive love’s first kiss.
Some tales were taller than others, but they all helped return our love gauges to full for another year, for which all eligible entrants will soon receive a Heart Honeybear waist accessory. There were a few entries that were particularly heartwarming, however, that are deserving of both a special mention and a fitting reward, not only for the entrants, but for their significant others as well:

Winners: Zappie + Ameyo - Darkfall

Spring Love Letter Mount, Intricate Sunset Set (Female) or Orchid Night (Male), 1,500 Aurum and the Cutie Pie Honor Title

2nd place: KisaraFury + BryanFury - Moonsea

Intricate Sunset Set (Female) or Orchid Night (Male), 1,000 Aurum and the Cutie Pie Honor Title

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3rd place: Clyde + Bonníe - Tidewater

1,000 Aurum and the Cutie Pie Honor Title

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