Shop Update - March 2019

It’s time to make space in your backpacks, as there’s an in-game sale going on right now, with a hefty 25% discount on many useful items running until March 25, 09:00 CET (12am PST).

Item Old Price in Aurum New Prize in Aurum
Ausgyth Gift Crate 19 14
Precious Mount Box 29 21
Rainbow Box 29 21
Spirit Feather Box 59 44
Crusade Scroll I 139 104
Crusade Scroll II 139 104
Crusade Scroll III 139 104
Falmari horn x12 29 21
Treatise on Potential 299 224
Willow Oil 299 224

We're also excited to announce that we've added the Cuckoo Skins to the "Skin" section and its related consumable to the "Other" section of the in-game shop.
Remember folks, this discount is for a limited period. Regular prices will return on March 25, 09:00 CET (12am PST).

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