Sale: A Wake of Light

If you like to leave an impression wherever you go, this week’s sale is for you. As well as a range of head-turning Radiances, there a number of complementary outfits and accessories for you to dazzle onlookers.

Those with a keen eye for a bargain will be aware that this is the first time that the Magpie Flight costume has been offered for sale, having only been previously available as a competition prize. However, the shopping window of opportunity on this occasion won’t be open for very long, with this week's special offer running from September 12, 15:00 CEST until September 14, 23:59 CEST (14:59 PST).

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Item Description Price
Magpie Flight A gorgeous outfit usually only found in a Sixth Sense Case. 1,688 Aurum
Magpie Flight Crown The perfect accessory to go with your Magpie Flight outfit. 888 Aurum
Cloudsmoke Look luxurious in this wonderful outfit. 1,269 Aurum
Bamboo Mist Show off your elegance in these fantastic threads. 1,269 Aurum
Dream Dust Leave purple particles on the ground as you run around Nuanor. 1,988 Aurum
Fortune Overflowing Leave a trail of gold footprints as you proudly waltz around Nuanor. 1,988 Aurum
Traceless Snow Icicles will form behind you as you walk around the world of Nuanor. 1,988 Aurum
Lotus Steps Enrich the world with new life as you leave blossoms in your wake. 1,988 Aurum

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Magpie Flight (female)
Magpie Flight (male)
Dream Dust

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