Sale: Cute & Fashionable Extravaganza

If your wardrobe is feeling a little inadequate this winter, there's a quicker way to rejuvenate your fashion tastes than lusting after a good, healthy, and thorough spring cleaning!
Are your outfits feeling a bit stale? Try any combination of our legendary dyes! Tired of your look? Visit our hairdresser! Covet some adorability? Pick up a cute mount! All of this and more can be found in our newest sale! Beginning February 9th, our Fashionable Extravaganza makes its way into Nuanor.

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With talented hairstylists, specialists in rare dyes, and a mount stable, we are poised to focus on your fashionable intrigues! Whether you choose to have a set of long Smoky Locks on garments of Pink Sakura, or a new tousled main of Short Silver to accompany your newly dyed and rugged style of Morning Frost; the variations available in these fashionable favorites leaves nothing to be desired!

Items for sale:

As Nuanor enters into the second half of winter, our fashionable extravaganza will leave you feeling like spring has come early! This sale is perfect for reviving old collections or planning for those collections to come. Ending February 13th at 14:00 CET/5am PDT, this Extravaganza isn't going to be around forever!

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Little Golden Chicken
Short Silver
Life of Leisure
Smoky Locks

Act soon, and meet a fresher you!

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