Producer Q&A III

Welcome to another Producer Q&A, where we put your questions to the development team of Revelation Online. As ever, we invite you to put new questions forward via the usual channels for the next Q&A update - keep them coming!
When will it be possible for us to upload Custom Guild Emblems and Custom Imagery to our My Corner?
We will be working on this function after the introduction of New Sulan since our current focus is completely taken up by the New Sulan update.
When will we get the Russian Arena Rating board in NA/EU?
Currently, we are not focusing our efforts on this system as we are focusing our efforts on the upcoming update: New Sulan. We will review the communities needs and demands for this feature once more after the release of New Sulan.
Are there any plans (active advertising, promotions) to attract new players to the game?
We always hold promotions and campaigns, when there is a good reason to. For example, more global campaigns will be conducted when installing the update "New Sulan". We are very interested in attracting both new and returning players to the game.

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