The Nuanor Report: Bulletin #1

Welcome to the monthly Revelation Online Beta Report! A breakdown of all the behind-the-scenes goings-on such as; fixed issues, known issues, upcoming changes and upgrades to the game. While it may not be possible to break everything down to mega-granulated levels, the report should nevertheless provide solid insight into what you can expect to see from Revelation Online down the silk-road whilst our dev and localization teams continue to work towards the release.

Let’s begin with a sneak peek at our Revelation Online roadmap plans for this year! Here are some of the improvements, upgrades and new content that’s being developed and can be expected to be added into the game in Q3-Q4 this year.

Features & Upcoming New Content

  • Level Cap Increase - embark on your journey to level 79!
  • New 10 player Raid “Altar of Swords” - prepare to fight long forgotten monsters and even a demonic sword with its own will!
  • Additional modes for the 10 player Raid “Eternal Chasm” - do you dare cross the misty swamps and challenge the mightiest dragons?
  • New languages - the long-awaited French and German language versions are coming, allowing you to experience Nuanor in your native language!
  • A New class (Assassin) - emerging from the shadows, Assassins are called upon to go deep into the enemy’s ranks to complete their assignment of quickly dispatching the highest valuable targets when no one else can.
  • New events and costumes - fun activities and new ways to dress and impress.

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Altar of Swords
Eternal Chasm

As development progresses on these new additions to the game, we’ll make sure to create separate articles with an in-depth look into each of them.

Major version update: Safe Haven

For the project to be capable of delivering these new functions and delightful features, we need to make a very important leap in the versioning of the game programming. The internal name is v9.14. This version is also bringing our code one step closer to the latest Netease code release offering great reliability and better fixes for the future. This version is an important milestone bearing promises of better operability and new features.
Safe Haven brings refreshing features in this content update such as housing introduction to players. From the project standpoint, however, Safe Haven is our first installment in v9.14 for the western regions and this requires a lot more work in the background on top of the content update itself.
We had carefully planned its introduction, taking every precaution and successfully deploying this new code onto our test servers. Therefore, we assumed it was safe to announce the release of Safe Haven on the 26th of July in order to show our avid player base, you, the community that we are still committed to bringing you fresh content on a monthly basis.
Unfortunately, our QA test team just unveiled a series of concerning bugs. Initial investigation reports from our development staff indicate that we are going to need at least two extra weeks to resolve these issues. We, therefore, regret to announce that we won’t be in the position to respect our deadline of the previously announced 26th of July for the delivery of Safe Haven - but please do rest assured that we will communicate as soon as more information is available.

Bugsfixes & Reports

Let's also bring you up to speed on the latest big fixes and improvements that our team is currently working on and finding a resolution to. Your feedback is always vitally important – from ideas and suggestions; to highlighting issues and bugs so that our team can work on correcting them. We really appreciate the passion and feedback that everyone puts into this Revelation Online Beta. In this section, we’ll briefly touch on certain aspects of Revelation Online that are currently being improved, remedied, or investigated – common ‘known-issues’, so to speak:

  • Task Board Bug – We’re investigating an error where quests from the board would get stuck in the quest log interface with no ability to quit or complete them.
  • Whisper Bug – We’re looking into improving the whisper system given that replies often require manually typing names. We hope to have this resolved in the Safe Haven patch.
  • Mythos Storyline – Some story-quests that were previously completed weren’t moved into the current Mythos panel, leaving no way to complete them. This should hopefully be resolved within the Safe Haven patch.
  • Localization – We’re aware that the client still contains some Chinese text, such as in certain multiple-choice questions. If you encounter this during your adventure, please help us by reporting where you’ve noticed this to our support staff in our ‘Report a Bug’ section.
  • Forced Kick – An issue where players could kick other players out of the game has since been resolved.

Much like the Features & Improvements section, we’ll keep you posted on tweaks and changes in upcoming update patch-notes, so keep your eyes on our official news feed for all the latest news regarding upcoming content and improvements, and we’ll see you in our next monthly report for more sneak-peeks!

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