New Sulan: Release date revealed

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Revelation Online’s next major release, the eagerly anticipated New Sulan update, will be deployed on September 24th - that’s less than two weeks away!

Although it’s been a long time coming, New Sulan has for a while been shaping up to being among the game’s most expansive upgrades. With a whole host of new features sitting alongside an extensive list of changes, New Sulan threatens to make Revelation Online seem like a whole new game.


As hinted at in the title, a great deal of development effort has been poured into the foundations of Sulan, not only to make the iconic hub city more functional and easier to navigate, but to make the town feel more alive. NPCs will be more numerous and dynamic, and there are numerous new quests that will introduce you to curious characters and unseen areas.

Behind the scenes, there is countless quality of life changes to the user interface generally and to individual panels, and to make your time in the port city the most productive it’s ever been, the range of daily activities has been expanded and streamlined.

There’ll be more details to come before New Sulan hits and guides aplenty afterwards, so sit back and get ready!

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