New Sulan: Quality of life changes

As expansive and as feature-rich as Revelation Online is, it’s fair to say that many of its peripheral systems have seemed obtuse and hard to get at for some new players. Partly this is because the game has come a long way in a relatively short space of time, as new aspects of play have been placed somewhat haphazardly on top of old ones, leaving a few untidy threads poking out the side.
With New Sulan, we’ve been able to cut back the frayed edges and realign many of the systems - the hope being that new players would quickly feel more at home, and for everyone else the game would hangs together better as a whole.
Let’s go over some of the little things that have been changed in the New Sulan update that should improve the player experience for everyone coming back to the game:

  • The introduction of a Portable Ausgyth Commerce Center will make it easier to exchange your Bronze Shard tokens in out-of-the-way locations, meaning Nuanor’s most coveted resource will be within easy grasp by virtue of you having ready access to remotely acquire it. Oh yes, you can also now use Bronze Shards to travel to places rather than spend precious notes.
  • No-one should be disadvantaged when changing gender, least of all in a game that celebrates diversity so openly. Thankfully it’s no longer the case that you are, now that the dyes attached to your outfits when switching between sexes stay entwined to the new gender-specific threads.
  • The limits on riding and flying imposed by Energy are now a thing of the past, which means you are now able to fly through the sky with the greatest of ease while all below you simultaneously ride like the proverbial wind. When auto-pathing across Nuanor, you can also enable a burst of speed with auto-acceleration.
  • There are a whole host of class changes - too many to go into here - with the Vanguard, Occultist and Spiritshaper receiving the most attention. One nice graphical adaption is that when changing class (now free until level 49), you can go to a vendor to have the correct weapon skin changed as well.
  • It’s a small thing, but a useful inventory change is that you can use entire stacks of items simultaneously. Not all items (for obvious reasons), but you can select a quantity or the full stack, which should make inventory management tasks easier and more streamlined.
  • Finally, the Tree of Wisdom - which it’s fair to say hasn’t been blossoming too well since it was planted - has received a great deal of love and attention and now works as intended. The Scheme system has been added, making it easier to save your presets rather than have to change stuff manually.


Of course, there are countless other changes, all of which you can either check via the patch notes, or simply by jumping in and trying out the New Sulan update, which is live right now!

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