New Sulan: Q&A, Part 1

Sulan is one of three major cities featured in Revelation Online and the first that players visit. Next to their early adventures across Emerald Falls, exploring Sulan is a formative experience for most players, so why is it being remade? Who better to provide an answer than the chief architect and lead artist of the much anticipated New Sulan update…

Why are you rebuilding Sulan?
We had a lot of ideas about Sulan City when we first started making Revelation Online. However, we couldn’t meet the highest levels of expectations due to technical and time constraints. Many players acknowledge the quality offered by the current Sulan City, however, we always knew there was more we could do to enhance the experience and make it more realistic, richer and livelier. We finally gained the ability to take it a step further as we developed new techniques and had more developers on board. Making games is a process of making dreams come to life. We hope New Sulan provides a more immersive atmosphere that provides players with a better experience of the fantasy world of Revelation Online.

You mentioned a ‘more realistic, richer, and livelier Sulan’. How do you go about achieving that?
To achieve realism we used more realistic textures. Bricks used for the bridge arches were overlaid with improved and better-defined textures. Time-related light and shadow effects were also made more prominent in the game - so you should notice the light projection angle changing over time.

To improve the richness, we replaced and built a new set of buildings in addition to enhancing our existing textures. For example, we have opened the internal decks of the large ship that takes players from Emerald Falls to Sulan. We added a second floor Openthouse at the tavern on the Shopping Street. You can bring your friends upstairs and admire the scenery outside the window over a pot of finely brewed tea. The Frostpike Arena at the bridge is a new building that players have demanded: you can head over for cross-server bouts! Also, The Guardians and Imperial Society have opened branch offices in Sulan, and the renovated Adventurer Guild now has a treasure-hunting theme.

To increase liveliness we recreated Sulan as the commercial centre of the three major cities of Ausgyth. You should, therefore, see lots of ships arriving and leaving the harbor, keeping the port busy at all times. The Stage at the Commercial Center is the most popular cultural venue of the city and features performances all-year round. Vendors and peddlers now have more places to do business. Sulan Bridge now has many more shops. The harbor market has been renovated with people selling fish, tea, fruits, and Falmari souvenirs. Distinct shopping areas have been established to create a sense of order.

Stay tuned for the second part of our New Sulan Q&A, coming soon!

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