New Sulan is now live

After months of painstaking renovation (and a little extra time to let the last coat of paint dry), the gates of New Sulan have at last opened. All you have to do to experience Revelation Online’s latest update is to login and enjoy!
There’s a lot to take in, though, so don’t rush it. Perhaps one of the best ways to understand what has changed is to overlook the harbor and watch as the citizens go about their day, or take a boat ride through the city. Don’t forget to also check out the new commercial district, with its influx of new traders and opportunity.


Elsewhere there are new daily activities to enjoy and dungeon difficulty has been streamlined. There are numerous panel upgrades that should allow for easier interactions and information tracking. Also, did we mention that Sulan itself is practically a new city - as hinted at in the name of the update?
Don’t forget, in celebration of New Sulan’s release we have the Heart of the Sea* and *Paradise Packs for you to enjoy as you explore the new freedoms of your Oceanview abode.


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