New Sulan: House keys

Our homes are deeply personal spaces, regardless of where they are, what they look like or how much space they take up. Often we allow access to only a few close friends and family and it can feel quite unsettling when others enter our abodes unannounced, even after we’ve cautiously allowed them across the threshold.


To reflect this sensibility, we’ve introduced house keys to Revelation Online. You can now make your home private so that no-one else can enter (or conversely keep it public so that anyone can), with access automatically given to your Pact Mate. You’ll also be given five keys that will allow up to five close friends and associates to pop around and keep the place tidy while you’re away on holiday, whether it be to water the plants or clear out Misha’s litter tray. If the latter, expect to have to find five new friends when you come back.

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