New Sulan: Guild changes and enhancements

Because you’ve probably got better things to be doing with your time (such as enjoying everything else that New Sulan has to offer), we thought we’d save you the bother of raking through the patch notes to offer you a brief rundown of some of the useful guild changes that have been deployed recently.
If there’s one thing that no guild ever needs it’s an inactive leader. In an effort to combat dissatisfaction with those that don’t take their responsibilities seriously, leadership will be automatically re-assigned to an eligible subordinate if a guild leader has been inactive for a specified amount of time. The leadership inactivity timer will run out at 15 days, during which time it can be reset whenever the leader logs into the game.
The vast majority of guild leaders that do wish to stay active now have an extra incentive for doing so thanks to being able to activate the Tower of Knowledge on a daily basis. Doing so will provide a buff for the entire guild, so it’s a good way to keep activity levels high and the whole guild engaged.


Finally, there is a whole bunch of new Character Cultivations for guild members to invest their Fealty and Excelsior in, in order to enjoy various stat boosts. The new Cultivations are: Crit Defense, Defense Break Resist, Crit Increment and Crit Reduction - all of which can be cultivated 200 times.


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