New servers coming

Less than 24 hours after its Steam launch and at the request of our indomitable players, we are very happy to announce that we are in the process of configuring new servers for all players. This will increase the options for the Steam community to start playing Revelation Online - you can now choose if you want to start on an established server with experience players, or if you prefer starting a fresh adventure with your fellow newcomers. The choice is yours!
We are working flat out to have these two new servers, one each for EU and NA, up and running within the next few days already. Our IT team has been supplied with cookies and coffee, and e will announce their live status across all our news and social channels as soon as they are ready to welcome you in.
Before then we need your help in naming them. Tidewater, Darkfall and Moonsea are taken, of course, so we’ve been coming up with new names from which we’d like you to choose your favourites. Sadly, Servy McServerface was deemed ‘so last year’, but you can vote on the rest of our selections here:

Please Note: If the same server name is preferred by both regions, the highest number of votes for it will win. The other region's second preference will then be selected. Polls will close on Thursday, August 9, 12:00 CEST (03:00 a.m. PDT).
As we are launching one new server per territory, please be aware that the Imperial War (which is a cross-server PvP feature accessible for level 69 characters and above) will not be available at server launch. We will monitor the populations on the new servers as they become established and will revisit possible implementation of the cross-server features at the appropriate time.


Thank you everyone for your feedback so far. It’s been an eventful few first day and there will be an eventful few more as we work hard to administer your requests and get the servers ready. Thank you for your thoughts so far - Keep ‘em coming!

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