New limited edition chest available!

Good news! We’ve recently received a new stock of myLoot chests, just in time for the last kiss of summer.
Available now, The Aspiring Divine Angel Chest aims to reflect the fading intensity of an ideal August, each one possibly / maybe containing the formal but breezy Raiment of Light costume, which we’d recommend for any after hours beach party with passing local dignitaries. (Or for general combat if you don’t manage to get an invite - so long as you avoid heavy staining, of course.)
Depending on the time of day or mood, both male and female versions of Raiment of Light go together well with any of the three pairs of wings that could unfurl from the chest. Rounding out the possible contents is a special selection of consumables to ensure a memorable end to the summer is all but guaranteed.

  • 1x Rose Flower Wings
  • 1x Silvermoon Wings
  • 1x Seraphim Wings
  • 1x Raiment of Light
  • 1x Basic Dragon Water
  • 1x Refined Dragon Water
  • 1x Divine Focus
  • 5x Argent Phlogiston
  • 1x General's Trinket
  • 5x Demonic Dao
  • 2x Red Phlogiston
  • 1x Special Skill Chapter
  • 1x Lotus Flame x10
  • 1x Normal Rune Box
  • 2x Bead Pouch
  • 2x Nine Chain Chest

1 / 1
Rose Flower Wings
Silvermoon Wings
Seraphim Wings
Raiment of Light ♀
Raiment of Light ♂

As with July’s now sold out myLoot chests, availability of the Aspiring Divine Angel Chest is limited - so don’t hold out lest you invite the onset of an early gloom!

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