myLoot & Webshop: Spring Cleanup Sale

Spring is almost here and it’s time to do a seasonal cleanup!

myLoot Spring Clean Up

Yes, that also applies to our ever-busy shelves in the myLoot store! So, we’re going to rework and renovate the chest section, and while we were dusting off the shelves ready for the changes, we noticed some stock at the back that’s just too good not to bring forward. So, from February 27, 17:00 CET (8am PST) to February 28, 23:59 CET (02:59 PST), enjoy an awesome Spring Cleanup Discount on some of your favorite boxes:

Chest Discount
Purrfect Chest 25%
Winter Rose Chest 25%
Utility Chest 25%
Ghostly Cloud Chest 15%
Light and Darkness Chest 35%
Aspiring Divine Angel Chest 25%
Divine Augmentation Chest 15%

You can also snag on of our Aerial Superiority Chests. But the stock is limited, so grab one while you still can. Don’t forget to check back regularly to see what offers we have while we make some awesome changes to the chest section of myLoot!



The third of four February flash sales is upon us, with discounts on ever-popular costumes, wings, and radiances:

  • Ausgyth Passion Uniform
  • Ausgyth Passion Sneakers
  • Ausgyth School Uniform
  • Ausgyth Sporting Shoes
  • Ashen Embers
  • Crimson Embers
  • Raiment of Light
  • Raiment of Light
  • Raiment of Light
  • Raiment of Darkness
  • Raiment of Darkness
  • Raiment of Darkness
  • Flightless Wings of Light
  • Flightless Wings of Darkness
  • Wings of Light
  • Wings of Darkness

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Happy shopping!

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