Maintenance - June 3, 2019

The servers will be taken offline Monday, June 3 at:

  • 09:00 - 11:00 CEST
  • 12:00 a.m. - 02:00 a.m. PDT



The purpose of taking the servers offline is to perform weekly maintenance and to apply fixes.

Patch Notes

What's new:

  • New Loading Screen (Upon clicking “play”, a new, awesome loading screen will appear)
  • Quests: "NetEase Security Ambassador" and "Witness: Hall of Glory" have been removed from the game (They were not intended for this game version)
  • Martial Crest NPC is locked.
  • An in-game mail with an Astera 1-Star Scroll, has been sent to all players.

Text/Interface changes:

  • Added translation for certain items that were still in Chinese.
  • Added translation to the Inventory Lock Interface.
  • Added translation to the new interface of Time Warp.
  • Fixed description of guild event Running man.
  • Fixed old/incorrect names of Battle Companions in skills descriptions.
  • Minor fixes for the Battle Companions interface.
  • Minor fixes for the guild interface.



Approximately 2 hours.

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