The Future of Revelation Online

Demonslayers of Nuanor, Ausgythians and adventurers alike, we invite you here today to go over our plans for Revelation Online for the New Year and beyond.

PvP Vendor Update

As you are all aware, we recently explored the option of updating the in-game vendor for the Legends of Nuanor mode, to add several new rewards you can claim. Moving forward, we will continue to take community feedback and to kick this off, we will be making changes to Agmar Non (Imperial Society Materials Grocer) to provide you with new and exciting rewards to spend your hard-earned Army Coins on from Battlegrounds!

French and German Localization

It is with great sadness that from January 14 and onwards, we will cease localization support for both the French and German languages, respectively. Our reasons include; our main audience speak more than one language and translating the game into French and German sadly slows down the process of bringing new content to everyone.
When Revelation Online initially released, we encountered a lot of issues with the English localization working within the client as the game was originally not designed to support any other languages outside of Chinese. We worked hard alongside NetEase to create multiple language functionality and launch it alongside our English version, but other complications caused delays.
However, while we managed to launch the French and German localizations which took some time, we are still continuing to tackle issues with multiple localizations which takes away from the core player experience we wish for everyone to have; Fun.
We understand that our French and German communities may be upset, and we would like to inform you that while we are removing the French and German localizations from the client as of January 14, we will be continuing to answer Support tickets over the next few months to help you with any inquiries you may have.
We would also like to inform you that you will not have any issues with your account, as you will still be able to access the game, however, the language option in the Game Center will be removed and your only option available will be to play in English.

Time Warp: Endless Solo Dungeon

The next update for the land of Nuanor comes with a test of endurance. More information for this content will come soon, but regardless, here’s a sneak peek.
Players can head down to the Shattered Valley and take on a brand-new challenge. This challenge is only for those who are willing to take things solo by taking on the beastly and fantastical creatures of Nuanor. Each time a boss is slain, you will have a choice to either open a chest or progress further through the rankings. We will provide more extensive details in the very near future about this mode and the types of rewards you can expect to receive!


Server Merges

We will be merging the following servers on January 21:

Region Merging Server Destination Server
EU Oceanflow Tidewater
NA Spiritwood Darkfall
NA Divine Overlook Snowpine


The Future for 2019

While we have a lot of changes happening in January, it doesn’t mean we don’t have more plans for 2019!
While our team is continuing to work hard on various fixes and changes to content with New Sulan, they have also started working on our next upcoming update: Heaven & Earth. This update will include a wide range of new features and mechanic changes.


We will share with you more details as we progress towards the release of this update.

Q&A about French and German Localization

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