Colosseum IV: Recap

With the gates of Colosseum IV coming down and ushers sent in to sweep the amphitheater clear of half-eaten hot dogs and floor popcorn, we can finally declare the end to yet another successful season of competitive combat. For the last few weeks Battlefield entrants have had their endeavors tracked in the hope of securing a top 10 place in our hallowed hall of PvP fame. Once again, thank you to all of you that took part, but most of all we thank and salute the latest Colosseum champions!


Special congratulations go to new NA champion ChokingHazard, who along with guild buddy Xensua (4th place) ensured that Playmatez dominated the unofficial guild ranking.
Taking top spot on the EU leaderboard was ihavenodamage, who managed to make things look easy by ending the event with an almost 5000-point gap over idRm in 2nd place. The best-placed EU guild was DeathlyAtoll, taking 2nd and 5th spot in the individual rankings.
Here are the top 100:



Sadly, some shady shenanigans from a minority of players required us to banish them from the competition. Given that it impacts everyone, cheating is something we take very seriously, and we’ll be revisiting procedures for all future events. Going forward, if we discover players have been angling for an unfair advantage, they will not only be removed from any current competition, they’ll be automatically barred from entering subsequent events. This means that if you’re judged to be cheating during Colosseum V (TBC), not only will you be disqualified, you’ll be unable to enter Colosseum VI.
Regardless of how well you did during Colosseum IV we’d love to get your feedback, so we can improve things for the next season. The Colosseum is an ever-evolving beast, with each new season aiming to be better than the last - for which we need the insight of as many competitors as possible. If you have time, please add your thoughts to our feedback thread as it’s something we’ll be referring to as we prepare to welcome a new batch of warriors into the arena.

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