Behold our halloween competition winners!

As we carefully fold our fake cobwebs into our plastic cauldron and put all our Halloween decorations away for another year (and think about bringing down the fake tree and tinsel to make room), there’s just enough time in the season for one final scare. This should be a pleasant one, however, as it’s to inform the winners of our Halloween competition that their efforts (and accounts) are soon to be rewarded with all manner of spooky in-game stuff.
You may recall that we asked you for your spine-tingling words and hair-raising pictures and, as ever, your creativity didn’t disappoint. Indeed, many a late night was spent in the community treehouse, discussing the spooky merits of all the entries and which among them were the most worthy. Thankfully, after much deliberation by candlelight, we’re pleased to announce the top five winners in each category as:

Art Winners Writing Winners
1st Kisara Fury Kuro
2nd Xyel Kyrelia
3rd Neoyoshi Grandma
4th Raygen Kaisinel (Wonjin)
5th Hinhoqui Soten

Art Winners

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Kisara Fury

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