Battle Companions: An In-Depth Look I

By, you have met the 13 Battle Companions we have, who are: Astera, Calia, Qorian, the Hypaean Princess, Mantou, Milly, Shiro, Ren, Bai Zhe, Xi Ran, Zhi Wei, Sai Hua and Haruka Foxwind. All 13 companions have their own personality, either brave and loyal, or acting cute. There will be one for everyone!

The Origin of the Battle Companions

Ever wondered where did these hyperactive and cute companions came from? Legend says that their appearance is closely related to the Queen of Souls: The Queen of Spirit Realm whom possesses mastery on Soul knowledge, formed contracts with fearless souls that were filled with courage and faith. Her intention was to create an army of Spirits, serving under her eternally.
The Queen of Souls sealed them within a Sealing Enchantment book, which confines them in another world. However, she eventually lost interest in these ordinary spirits. As she left, she summoned a Spirit Warden tasked to replace her in monitoring these Spirits. Forgotten by their master, these Spirits eventually fell deeply asleep in the Book of Sealing Enchantment, waiting for someone, anyone, to awaken them.
As we all know, these Spirits are now our Companions, or, an Ausgythian's best friend! Battle Companions are not only capable of battling along with players in various dungeons, but also by guarding players with attributes to make them stronger, opening new possibilities for combat! Every single Battle Companion has their own unique potential, players are freely able to raise, improve, and teach them skills!

How to Obtain

Currently, other than Ren and Haruka Foxwind, all other battle companions are obtainable from the Temple of the Twelve, Noble Treasures, Seeking Spirits, Time Warp, Class Faction Events, Seasonal Events, Ethereal Crusade Maps and many more places! Ren is obtainable through: Time Warp, Seasonal Events and Ethereal Crusade Maps. Haruka Foxwind is obtainable through: Time Warp, Seeking Spirits, Seasonal Events, Spiritual Map or other events.

The Battle Companion Window

Upon obtaining any Battle Companion Scrolls, simply right click to consume and form a pact with your new companion! Click on the Companion Portrait to open the Battle Companion window.


Companion Level

In the window, you will notice Intimacy and Battle Companion's Level. When participating in the mentioned activities, both deployed or Defense Mode Battle Companions will obtain some XP and Intimacy. You can obtain this by doing:

  • Completing the Main Questline.
  • Defeating enemies within a level gap of 5 levels.
  • Complete Daily and Weekly Events
  • You can also raise your Battle Companion via the Maid Attendant NPC in your Safe Haven Apartment.



You can increase your Companions’ intimacy, or experience, by feeding them Synergy Horns, or Experience Essence Pills.
A Synergy Horn increases intimacy by a bulk amount. Acacia Branches directly increases one Intimacy Level, with a maximum usage limit of 10. (Note: The Acacia Branches directly increase one level, they do not add intimacy points.)

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Each Battle Companion has a Mood Meter, at a maximum of 100. When Battle Companions are deployed and adventure with you, their mood will deplete slowly. If your Companion is in a bad mood, it will be less effective in battle. Make sure you feed them some Mood Crackers, to keep them in fighting shape! (If you lack Mood Crackers, you can spend 300 Imperial Notes in place, to top their Mood up.)

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Abilities and Talents

Companions have different Abilities, Talents and Skills obtained through specific talent combinations. While Abilities are fixed, Talents can have a wide difference. Each Battle Companion has two possible Exclusive Talents, along with 18 different Talents from 3 different series. (6 Talents per type of series). As you should have noticed, Battle Companion Scrolls have different rarities, ranging from 1-Star to 4-Star. Upon usage of the Scrolls, the differences are as follows:

  • 1-Star: Guaranteed 1 Talent, with a chance for up to 4 Talents.
  • 2-Star: Guaranteed 2 Talents, with a chance for a total for 4.
  • 3-Star: Guaranteed 3 Talents, with a chance of 4.
  • 4-Star: Guaranteed 4 Talents. (Maximum Talents Available.)

By having specific Talent combinations, you can activate a Group Talent effect, which provides specific Active Skills. You can see more information here.


Each Battle Companion can be Venerated, to unlock their own unique Awakened Skill. In order to be eligible for Veneration, your chosen Companion needs to:

  • Have a minimum intimacy level of 20.
  • Unlock and complete the Legend [Traditional], Mythos Parts, 1, 2 and 3.

Simply head for the Book Icon tab to look at each Companions Legend! Upon meeting all requirements, simply click on the Venerate button and you will gain the following:

  • Awakened Skill Unlock
  • Battle Companion Max Level +5
  • New Skin Unlock

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In order to replace your Companion’s Talents, you need to devour another Battle Companion of the same kind. Upon Devouring a Companion, the receiving Battle Companion will receive the exact Talents and Basic Attributes of what the Devoured Companion had. The Devoured Companion will leave behind a sum of Intimacy and XP items.
The interface will display the results (post-devour), of your Companion’s talents after the Devour Process has taken place.

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Current / After Devouring
Upon clicking Devour, your will be shown a detailed confirmation message. Please ensure you’re fully aware of what you’re about to do, don’t make any mistakes! (Note: Devouring will not affect the receiving Battle Companion’s Rating, Growth Rate and ‘The Chosen’ status.
Thank you for reading Part 1 of our 2-part guide on Battle Companions! Stay tuned for the next one!

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