Revelation Online

March Of The Guilds

The bravest guilds have brought their forces to the battlegrounds of Nuanor, yet there are many others still to come. The time has come to rally your guild!

Show us that your guild is the most valuable one in Nuanor and win: an original theme song individually made for your guild by Revelation Online's award-winning Composer Neal Acree along with an original artwork of your entire guild as well as your own guild logo made by Revelation Online's concept artists.

Now's your chance to shine and show that you deserve the best!

The composer: Neal Acree

Neal Acree is an award winning film, television and video game composer and conductor whose work includes the Revelation Online Theme Song as well as other massively popular game franchises. A versatile and prolific composer with roots in classical, rock and electronic soundtracks. Acree's music has been recorded and performed by orchestras and choirs around the world, including the hit concert tour Video Games Live.

Having been raised by a father whose love of Chinese cinema and culture was mirrored by the passion for art and music that he passed on to his son, Neal found an unexpected familiarity in a musical language that was on the surface so foreign. The result was one of his most passionate and critically acclaimed scores.

  • An original theme composed by Neal Acree for your guild
  • An artwork of your group screenshot crafted by the Revelation Online Team
  • Your own guild logo interpreted by the Revelation Online Artists
  • 1x   Deluxe Pack
  • 4x   Wild Wind Pack
  • 8x   Inventor Pack
Honorable Mentions
  • Best Picture:
    1x  Deluxe Pack,  2x  Wild Wind Pack,  2x  Inventor Pack
  • Best Text:
    1x  Deluxe Pack,  2x  Wild Wind Pack,  2x  Inventor Pack
  • Best Video:
    1x  Deluxe Pack,  2x  Wild Wind Pack,  2x  Inventor Pack
  • All participating guilds will receive
    1,000,000 Commerce Marks

How to participate?

For a chance of snagging these glorious prizes, all you need to do is head on over to our "Participate" button, send us an inspiring presentational text, image or video and hit submit - easy as that. The Revelation Online team will pick the most creative entry: so gather your guild mates and impress us!

Remember this event will be active for a limited amount of time - don't let this amazing opportunity pass you by!

The Contest shall commence upon 12:01 pm (midday). Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on June 16, 2017, and end on the determination the Global Contest Winner on July 16, 2017.

Submissions Closed
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