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  • KenKitano -

    Hi Fayne, please PM me I have something I would like to discuss with you.

  • Lola898 -

    Hallo Fayne ich bräuchte mal deine Hilfe kannst du mich Privat anschreiben?

  • Artic -

    hey Fayne can you dm me when you can please

  • SoSoft -

    hello Fayne can i ask why i been banned in discord?? cant enter the r.o link

  • Serenesa -

    Heya Fayne, support team sent me your way, dm me whenever you're free.

  • me myself and I -


    Could you contact me please, a supporter told me to make contact with you. I think because only you can answer my request.;)

  • lexlex -

    hi. support team redirected my question to you. can you pm me when you on

  • RedCore -

    if may i ask. VMWARE or other multi-OS in one pc is "prohibited" or against the rules? coz im planning to boost my 2nd account for funland event. Thankyou

  • RedCore -

    if may i ask. VMWARE or other multi-OS in one pc is "prohibited" or against the rules? coz im planning to boost my 2nd account for funland event. Thankyou

  • Kiya -

    Hii Fayne,Ceremony shop npc when will it be available? for trade the celebration coins

  • DepressedBoy -

    Hey Fayne,
    How r u? I'll try to be short.
    The support team sent me to you. My question? How do you buy the "Deluxe Founders Pack"?
    I'm new and completely crazy for the game so far.
    Farewell, DepressedBoy.

  • u_11468921 -

    You forgot to declare winner for dream weapon contest that has Butterfly Wings - Night Black as reward.
    I'm part of this giveaway and I'm patiently waiting whole day :D very nervous
    Thank you

  • u_9481960 -

    I've contacted support. They send me to you. I will just copy msg. Honestly im dissapointed on you as company my.com. You put event with scarejumps/flashing light without any information about it which is requested by a law. I've open website with my son near, which suffer epilepsy. Your jumpscare/flashing light gave him attack. Your company should be reported to the autorithies because you broke the law.

  • Yuripon -

    Hello there, I sent in a ticket last month (and was fixing the real life part of my issue all month so have only now got the chance to do this) and was sent to talk to you about this issue, I would like to talk with you privately about this since its a rather private matter. Id love if you could get in contact with me so I can (Hope) to get my issue fixed! If not I will also be contacting MUTE for help per suggestion! thank you for your time!

  • Boadicea -

    Hallo Weißt du wann ca. der Deutsche Server kommt? bitte um Antwort danke LG Boa

  • lzaya -

    Hallo Fayne, kannst du mir auf die PN antworten oder mir sagen wer der neue Community Manager sein soll, bei deinen Link (Kollegen) kommt man auf eine gesperrte Seite!

  • DarkJana -

    hi, can you answer me my pm please?

  • Faydee -

    Hi can we got any proof of that the our suggestion are considered please.

  • Wuba -

    Respond to PM pls!

  • ImInCidEr -

    Server NA Darkfall - IGN Leeloo

    Banned for apparent fraudulent activity, this is obviously a mistake and I have submitted a ticket will ALL needed information along with Identification and such:

    Ticket ID: XHV-924-29181
    Game: Revelation Online
    Subject: Account Frozen / Ban Message on Game Center

    Please unban this account immediately so that I am not forced to chargeback my purchases in excess of USD $500

  • Wuba -

    Pls answer to my pm

  • ChrisRockz -

    Ok so I just asked my.com to replace you because you suck at your job.

  • Asokka -

    Still waiting....

  • ChrisRockz -

    Answer the gamers conversations and do your job as the support ticket system referred me to you, It looks bad on my.com as a whole if you can't even look at a conversation.

  • Revelation-On -

    Started a conversation like 5days ago... wanted to get an answer... still waiting :*(

  • Daz -

    Can we get an answer on whats going on with fixing the mass amounts of people games which are crashing every few minutes when we've been playing for months with no problems?? RO seems to be stonewalling us with no fixes or even a response.

  • Congh -

    *schaut sich um, grinst voll doof legt FayFay 'ne Bananenschale, schön mit Schleifchen und in Geschenkpapier eingewickelt, auf den Kopf und schwingt gegen den nächsten Baumstamm* höhö! *schwingt mit'n paar Zähnen weniger in Richtung Sonnenuntergang*

    .. Und wenn er noch über Zähne verfügt, sucht er weiterhin Vollkontakt mit vierlei Bäumchen! Endä!

  • Asokka -

    Has any info on the "Spread the Love" contest been released yet about the prizes?

  • furya78 -

    hello i have win St valentin event. when can i have price plz ?