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    Hallow from the other sideeeeeeeee \o\

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    Omg? Still Requiem at name XD WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!

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      Sorry :c not sorry

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    hi :D welcome to the forums ^^ i read your post in my thread and i agree, finding a guild like that is def difficult ^^ i have been lucky that so far killer instinct is at least close, i've been having fun talking with them while waiting for the game ^^ you'd be welcome to come and meet everyone and see if you find the same thing ^^ what class you thinking about playing?

    • Romance -

      Sure where do i find you guys ;o Vanguard

    • DeathSwitch -

      if you go to my signiture, links to guild and discord, if the discord one doesn't work, let me know ^^ i can do a fresh one ^^ sweet! i like vanguard too ^^ and occultist. Next is spiritshaper, and swordmage ^^

    • Romance -

      Noticed that your guild will be landing in NA, sadly am looking for one in EU :/

    • DeathSwitch -

      that sucks XD well your welcome to still jump into discord ^^ make some friends, if you ever play in NA we'd love to have you ^^ and i'm gonna probably make a character in EU also ^^ so we should still be able to play together sometimes ^^

    • Romance -

      Alright mate :3

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    Welcome to the forums!
    What was your favorite class in perfect world?
    I used to play that game all the time.

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    Welcome to RO forums , Ray :D