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    Hello theres one more thing with your guide that isnt working for me on the star velvet panacea it says to "Use the item Dewy Star Velvet Nyx from previous quest" when i do this nothing happens yes ive completed the quests before it I checked the clue and it says prntscr.com/jc33me as you can see it says pyx now that is probably a typo to nyx however the fact still remains that nothing happens when i use the nyx so any suggestions? do you know if this is an error in your guide? This is the last one im doing btw and your guide its been a big help so either way I say ty even tho i never caught that dam fish i must just be unlucky >.>

    • Lyosha -

      Hi! Sorry for the very slow reply, you sent this right in middle of my final week of classes for Uni this semester and so I hadn't been around much. If you haven't already figured this one out, my notes were actually correct! What should happen is that you get a pale blue quest called The Flower Spirit's Whereabouts. This summons a little Dewy Star Velvet Pyx near where you are that you need to follow around....until it is brutally murdered by an invisible force. Poor Pyx. It and the friend it finds (also murdered) drop two items on the ground both labeled Sedgiling Pollen. I did a recording of my SM alt going through the Star Velvet quest so I will try to get that uploaded to youtube in the next 24 hours and send you a link as that may prove more helpful!