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  • Nats18 -

    Hi,, I really don't know why I got banned from chatting.. the 1st time i chat in public was looking for a mentor.. then suddenly I got a gag notification of an issued inappropriate messages in the chat. is looking for a mentor in world chat inappropriate??

    IGN: Lyca
    Server Tusenwood

  • eldiablito74 -

    How much does funders packs in the game

  • Daz -

    Can we get an answer on whats going on with fixing the mass amounts of people games which are crashing every few minutes when we've been playing for months with no problems?? RO seems to be stonewalling us with no fixes or even a response.

  • u_11256393 -

    Hello,I bother you!
    Email is [email protected]
    I am in the game server Darkfall
    MY game id is Yaphets

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message.I can't log in the game now,i am a normal gamer and has complied with the rules of the game,I bought the 89.99 deluxe pack on February 27th to start the game.i love Revelation Online,Please help me solve this problem.Thanks again and have a nice day.

  • Veronis -

    hi hugo my character veronis is stuck in galleon lvl 2 and won't load up when i log into it please fix this

  • Haux -

    Your retargetting & facebook ads landers are getting dns errors. - ttt.ro.my.com/lp/7/1/?_1lr=0-2257491_2009050_RC.20.02

    prntscr.com/ebgsmf - Ive tested it on multiple vps's and it appears to be doing it everywhere.

  • Pious_Slayer -

    Hey Hugo, may I ask a few simple questions? When will the period be stopped for buying Founder's Packs? Will I be able to buy an upgraded pack during Open Beta? Or is there a specific closure date in mind? The beta is a lot of fun so far and I thank the team for bringing it to North America and I want to support the game as I see improvements to the game (i.e, translation improvements, technical issues being fixed, etc.)

    • Kitah -

      Hey there Pious_Slayer,

      I'm not Hugo, however I am able to answer your questions:

      Founders packs will go off-sale before Open Beta starts, please keep an eye on the news pages. You will only be able to upgrade your pack before Open Beta starts, as they will be removed from sale completely when OBT is just about to start.

      Everything you mentioned is being worked on :)

      Have a nice day,

  • Lokialeph -

    Hi Hugo please quick question if you can help me with this please?? I purchased the founder pack and I dont know how or where reedemed the wings outfit and horse?? please help?? thanks

    • Kitah -

      Items will be given out from Founders Packs in the OBT period.

  • starbright74 -

    hi just wan to ask , about the time of the CBT , as i from sea area

    • Heimdrik -

      the opening time of the server will be at 15 hr CET

  • Shana93 -

    me dicen porfa como añadir una guld

    • Heimdrik -

      hay que mandar un ticket, yo estoy intentando crear una!

  • Azurrelle -

    Bonjours je suis en attend de modération pour ma guilde , serrais t il possible de regarder sa svp car j ais deja des membres qui voudrais s inscrire mais je n ais pas encore acces ! Snif ! merci part avance .

  • Daniela -

    o jogo já começo o beta ou ainda não ?

  • Saif NeWaZ -

    Can you tell me how i can add my guild in the forum??

  • Miyuuchan -

    A RO-Team Member with -81 Points? ;D Hooow :D

  • Obs -

    Salut Hugo,

    On m'a aiguillé vers toi, car je n'ai pas trouvé comment créer un post de rapport de bug sur le sous-forum "bug..." .
    J'ai trouvé un bug de notification sur le forum en francais :
    - Categorie : Bug - Forum - Notification - FR
    - Partie visible du bug : "code":503,"message":"Le serveur a rencontr\u00e9 une erreur, veuillez r\u00e9essayer plus tard.","returnValues":[],"exceptionID":"476ed28b7eb2ac6d4d97595a5a5c1f8dfabe012d"}
    - Source du bug : surement une mauvaise traduction d'un message lié aux notifications en français
    - Reproductibilité : 100%
    - Impact ( coté client ) : Faible. Ce bug empêche de pouvoir valider & éliminer cette notification, mais aussi les notifications reçues avant la notification buguée
    - Résolution bug ( coté client ) : Si on passe en anglais, par contre, on peut valider cette notification et l’éliminer ( ce qui devrait résoudre le bug coté client uniquement )

  • u_9674624 -

    Hello Hugo,

    I can't connect to the forum with my account wich I bought a founder pack with.
    When I contacted the support they told me to create another account and tell it to admins.
    My account name is HINANO.


    Can you help me? :D