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  • Zarozian -

    I know you.

    • SpiderCat -


    • Zarozian -

      Yes. Remember where that avatar of yours was made?

    • SpiderCat -

      Nope, can't say I do. Must admit I just googled it and liked the image :)

    • Zarozian -

      Darn. And here I thought I found Caturday. But people made spiderman versions of everyones current avatar and that one was for Caturday. They didn't make me one cause I was considered to be evil. ;<

  • Neochrzeo -

    Spidercat, spidercat.

  • Euca -

    Hello there.
    I have been looking for a new MMO for a long time, and I am very interested in trying Revelation.
    I've been a Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 player for almost 10 years now. So I'm not really that new to the MMO genre. I have also played Neverwinter, BDO, B&S and WOW. I just haven't find anything that "feels" good for me, apart from GW/GW2. But, Revelation looks like a a very nice front runner.
    I know it's not available in the West yet, but I would like and try to enjoy this game with other people in the early phases already if possible. That's the most fun part of playing an MMO in my opinion. I have applied for a CBT and hope to get invited.
    Referring to that, I would like to ask if it's (still) possible to apply for a spot in your guild. Is this something that can be done now, or shall I wait until the formal launch?
    Can you please inform me about this?
    Thank you very much!

    Ps. I could have chosen for someone else to contact, but your name in spiderCAT. And I'm a cat lover. :p

    • SpiderCat -

      Hi Euca,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We have an application form on our website silenteclipse.enjin.com.

      If you don't mind filling one in (about 2 mins) we are using that to keep track of numbers.

      Nice to meet a fellow cat lover :) forum name is pretty easy, got a cat called spider ;p

      Look forward to seeing your application