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  • Daciana -

    Can you please remove the Eterna Guild tag from me. I have left Eterna in game but they are no longer listed on the website so I cannot leave them here. I want to be able to join my current Guild on the website. Thank you.

  • u_12272708 -

    What happens if you have characters in both servers that are merging? More than the allowable max.

  • Ags -

    How will you manage Guild ID after merge?

  • Meowmix2000 -

    Hey wakeup moderation team. Your reddit has a video advertising the malware website.

  • Kalez -

    Still no patch notes? you said tomorrow.... that was 2 days ago?

  • Bidinha -

    Hello, how can I send a PM to you with a question about the post of an image? It's about a suspicious email that a friend received in the game. I'm waiting, thank you.

    • Kaeden -

      I've sent you a pm :)

    • Bidinha -

      Thanks <3

  • u_9893120 -

    you got a new pm^^ have a good day

    • Kaeden -

      Hey there, please check your pm's I've replied :)

  • LiLiLotus -

    my toon name Lililotus can not chat any one or friend why said was Banned when chat can not send sms

    pls i need help

    • Kaeden -

      Please contact our support team who should be able to help you with this.

  • LiLiLotus -

    MY CHARATCHER can not chat any more to any one said was Banned pls help me

  • pitoy0128 -

    pls,.manager, comebak my ofiscial chat,...

  • Kurukulla -

    Please ask product manager or producer for an update on taskboard fix. It's completely blocked faction progress for factions who only offer it via taskboard, not to mention mastery of some craft classes. Thank you!

  • GGJay -


  • WickedLust -

    kaeden huge question what happened to the fashion pack how come we can only get one now before we could have got more then one also will we have the pack back again that is not just one we can get message me back please.

  • koim -

    why i cant login server NA now ? FIX IT!!!

  • Zenpai -

    Wants more content
    NEEDS Assassin within the next 2 months
    will pay 50 USD for class change voucher item
    please appease me

  • -KEN -

    Hey Kaeden please check your messages

  • Zylo001 -

    Kaeden can you please check your direct messages?

  • Burzakonis -

    RIP Kaeden, that spam over here xD

    You're still bad at PvP Kappa

    • Kaeden -

      Wasn't it you I accidently killed that one time? :D

    • Burzakonis -

      Maybe when it was me vs 10 peopel in BG :D

  • Broker -

    Hey Kaeden, can you please check your DMs?

    • Kaeden -

      Hey I've sent a reply to you :)

  • Xhelori -

    v Wow, looks like you are in the weeds. GL

  • wild-sense -

    Hello :) I was directed to contact you in a post i put up about poor ping. I am from Australia and I play on the NA server. Now when i first started playing there was no issue, the ping was fine at 240-ish, I was loving the smooth game-play and it was like that for around a few weeks to a month. Then one day when I logged in I noticed it was climbing higher and it reached the point of 308-ish ping. It proceeded to stay at this level of ping and to this day it is still around 308-ish ping. This is very frustrating/disappointing and eliminates the enjoyment of the game for me as the delay comes into strong effect during combat etc. Why has this happened? it is going to be fixed? thank you for your time and excellent game by the way.

  • Noidea -

    i can't- top up what ???

    Operation is impossible. Please contact customer support.

    The payment has been canceled

  • ImInCidEr -

    I have been banned almost 10 days and have provided all the documentation they asked for and still in que for the last 4 days..... could you please help

    Ticket Number: XHV-924-29181

  • KoS | Toxicity -

    How long will the reply be on for instant refund? I can't purchase aurum on my main or alt account it automatically refunds me and no messages back from tickets. I have so much time that I can play 2-3 accounts and I charge aurum on them hopefully I can purchase aurum I need it and no way to get it now

  • Varunastra -

    I just downloaded the full version of the game having not played since CBT1 and I log in and am enjoying the game trying to level up and quest and then suddenly I get a random message from system telling me I was banned and received an email stating what I supposedly did wrong? I had only played the game for less than 30 minutes and only whispered 1 person who was my mentor. Now I cant speak in the game at all, having paid for the deluxe founders pack and being harassed like this isnt very rewarding to say the least. Can you please do something about this?

  • Uno -

    Hi, i saw this compensensation EU Eventide topic, dont want to post there so padon me if i wrote it in your wall, im from NA Darkfall didnt receive my compensation either, thanks

  • LostLondo -

    Hello, can you check on my Ticket ID: MBB-880-95474 pls, its been a day already and i havent had any reply to it, my account was hacked and i cant get back in

  • ImInCidEr -

    Server NA Darkfall - IGN Leeloo

    Banned for apparent fraudulent activity, this is obviously a mistake and I have submitted a ticket will ALL needed information along with Identification and such:

    Ticket ID: XHV-924-29181
    Game: Revelation Online
    Subject: Account Frozen / Ban Message on Game Center

    Please unban this account immediately so that I am not forced to chargeback my purchases in excess of USD $500

  • u_10664885 -

    NA server snowpine
    i was convert my imperial coin to aurumn 3 days ago
    and i dont get any aurumn and my coin back either...

  • Athyrio -

    EU servers may be backonine, but your APRIL FOOLS JOKE to reban innocent people is NUTS! I have new ticket but need to get m account unbanned, NOW!