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  • Grazi -

    Hi! can u inform WHEN my.com will add more costumes and apparels?? and APPAREL DYE!!! how can i win boutique points if dont have enougth costumes to buy? can u see this for me? pls

  • Vexera -

    i cant log in too -.-

  • RedTears -

    EU servers up, but login still not possible, either login server overloaded, crashed, down or someone forgot to enable the login servers again after the DB maintance.

  • tanmiro -

    your servers are not up?... Eventide is down, cant log in at all... what goin on?...

  • BoldGuy -

    Eventide is still down Kaeden :/ give us an update please.

  • galkabear -

    I just wrote you in reguards to the auction house issue, but also while writing you someone had hacked my account and actually gotten onto my character. details in the message

  • u_10358622 -

    Hi Mr.Kaeden can u help me why my account getting frozen and i cannot log in to my account?

  • Nigoshi -

    I'll spam this if i have to.

  • Revelation-On -

    Please join conversation with me(so we can figure out solution to my problem). I will only take few minutes of your time.

  • Animatax -

    tidewater is back and my chars are gone, seriously?

  • u_11760643 -

    hi sir.... i cant update the new patch .... help me sir ty ....

    • RedTears -

      There is a new patch?

  • Sasukekun -

    Corral is down, Explain please

  • Zakesh -

    Corral is down

  • Pattysweet -

    now i can't login corral server... what's happening?

  • Pattysweet -

    Are servers again in maintenance? I was playing in corral server and suddenly it closed

  • tenkoji -

    Hi im new

  • shortie -

    I have a question for you ... I was going to Top Off more using a Per paid American Express ... I have you it in CBT 2 and in OBT . ARE we not allowed to you it now ?

  • Faydee -

    I have a question. That game will be in Open Beta for 6 years like in china?

  • Crunchtime3 -

    Kaeden, I put in a ticket about not being able to log into Server due to server connection error and I asked to get my Day 6 log in items: Initial Excelsior Pastille, Plumstone Beads, and Ascension Essence x2. I was told that it wasn't their problem. Why am I getting punished for the same issue that Sire is having, where I try to log in most of the day and I get (Server Connection Timeout. Please try again later.) and I do try but that Day 6 I had no success at all. This isn't really fair to players who still have connection issues.

  • Sire -

    Sir kaeden please help me about my problem. If i connect to any server it only stops there and cant go further in character selection. I just downloaded the game (15gb). Please help me how to fix this. Sometimes it says "Server Connection Time Out, please try again." Please help me thank you

  • Pattysweet -

    I can't teleport in the map, It says " try again"

  • Realistic -

    Hey can you read my private message please? My account could possibly be getting hacked and you guys ain't doing much about it, I played in CBT and early access.

  • u_4899661 -

    Hey Kaeden when are we getting carved runes II, III or the ability to transfer prefixs from 49 to 69 gear? The prefix re-rolling system is useless atm because we are missing the above

  • GGJay -

    Why does the warehouse ladies not accept my password , are they thieves o.0 :( i want my loot

  • Senki -

    Mind checking the PM I sent you? It's pretty important.

  • SilverOpal -

    The Aurum exchange on our Snowpine has malfunctioned and is under investigation, at this time we do not have an ETA as to when this will be functioning again. We advise all players on the Snowpine to please refrain from using this feature until our team has resolved this issue.

    If you have been affected by this please contact our Support Team.

    Kind Regards

    Thank you the people affected from over the weekend seem to all have our aurum now

  • yANE -

    Please, I want to play !! Why can not I get into my main character?

  • Belko -

    I think the siege wars are bugged, I am not sure they might be. Kappa

  • Francesca -

    Hello! Question. Can staff manually change usernames? I set mine as my real name back a few months ago, and I'm not comfortable with it at all really, but apparently I can't change it til May. D:

  • shizfu -

    hey i will like to know if i just can buy the game without a founder package?
    If i can should i wait for 6th march ?
    or is the game for free there?
    I like to buy it, but don't wanna buy early acces for only two days if you understand :)

    • Kaeden -

      The game will be free to play from the 6th of March.