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    Kaeden hi I just wanted to know when will we get our aurums back is there a specific date to it being refunded to us

    • Kaeden -

      Aurum will be back on accounts for the start of Early Access

  • Haux -

    Your retargetting & facebook ads landers are getting dns errors. - ttt.ro.my.com/lp/7/1/?_1lr=0-2257491_2009050_RC.20.02

    prntscr.com/ebgsmf - Ive tested it on multiple vps's and it appears to be doing it everywhere.

    • Kaeden -

      Hey there Haux! Do you have the link to the add in question?

    • Haux -

      It was doing it for them all mate but it appears your marketing guys have swapped their links now to a new URL: 1l-go.my.com/r/adid/2257491_20…/f/3/?_1larg_sub=RC.20.02
      so I'm guessing there was some sort of landing page migration going on & the domain has been switched.

      One thing to mention though ^ the landers for OB mention February the 28th and OBT is on the 27th - prntscr.com/ebp8co

    • Haux -

      For finding that bug can you share the launch time on the 27th as reward :D

    • Kaeden -

      I'll have a think on that one and get back to you in a few hours ;)

    • Haux -


  • StealthSai -

    Hey kaeden, i was just wondering if you could tell me what the starting level cap for OBT will be? is it going to be 69 like cbt 3 or is it going to start at 49?

  • u_5805699 -

    yo I was wandering if I can send you the name I want if its still available. but how do I send you a message in private?


    hi Kaeden just wanted to ask when will server list be made official so we can choose what server we want to go to ?

  • Kaisustrin -

    Just wanted to give you a thumbs up on the forum thread Name Reservation Points by Cole. Some people are taking names simply for the sake of having them and keeping them from others and you guys are doing the right thing. Thank you for that.

  • Firesteve -

    Kaeden- could you tell us if the guild name system will still be limited to 8 characters like in cbt. We have a 9 character name and are hoping it will work. Thanks

  • Karizma -

    I hope you gonna help, I have two issues:
    1- I've Deluxe pack but I can not reserve a name .
    2- I spent $ 300 buying Aurum at CBT and
    I was hoping to transfer this Aurum to my account at OBT. but my Aurum balance now is Zero ...
    Kindly advice

  • Mix -

    Kaeden, about the big flying cat, can we customize its color or is it fixed forever? :/ What if we don't like the main color and bought deluxe only for that huge cat we thought we would love?

  • Drax -

    Will we get the official server up time soon? Also are territory wars expected to be live the very first Saturday of early access?

  • Cradle -

    Hello, i would like to ask about founders packs. I have 1 deluxe pack. So at early access, i can only create 1 character? Also, do founders packs are available while OBT/Early access? Thanks before!

  • Kalza -

    So are you guys just going to drop the website in 39 minutes, there is such little information that I'm pretty sure the only time we'll get an official update is an hour after the website has been up.

  • REXER -

    meow :D

    • Kaeden -

      Hey :)

  • Uraltear -

    Thanks for the visit Kaeden~

  • khaox -

    can you pls..at least give 2 weeks notice before realeasing OBT would like a time offf work... thank you

    • Spirity -

      I'm sure he would, if he actually had any say in it khaox ^^

    • Kaeden -

      As soon as we're able to do so we'll be happy to share OBT dates with the community for now all I can say is keep an eye on our forums and website over the coming week for more information :)

  • Nyxl -


  • Guardt -

    Hai Kaeden i need some help like i don't remeber my pasword for the unblock item how do i resets it?

  • u_10752505 -

    Hi Kaeden, Will the character deleted after CBT? And also, if i have purchased $89.99, will i have the Gold Rank Wings in the OBT later?

    • Kitah -

      I'm not Kaeden, but i can answer your questions!

      Once all CBT phases are finished the servers will be reset to everyone can start at the same place once OBT launches.

      As for your pack you purchased - you will gain all items which you purchased once OBT hits. Keep an eye on the announcement page.

  • galkabear -

    trying to get your attention to general forum being taken over by two spam bots... what it looks like.

  • Mirage -

    Just wondered if you could answer a question for me. Is next month a CB4 or will it be the start of open beta ? I have been seeing different things mentioned, just wanted some clarification please. xD

    • Kaeden -

      We're not yet announced any details on if there will be a CBT4 or not, please keep eye on our website and social media channels for more information when its posted :)

    • Mirage -

      Ty :D

  • Guardt -

    Do anybody know what the build for spirit shaper I like to heal people <3

  • RebornSparrow -

    Hello, you will make some giveaway with keys ?

  • Guardt -

    Hello I was trying to buy the 89.99 and it keep

    • Kaeden -

      Hey Guardt! If you're having problems purchasing a founder pack please contact our support team who will be able to look into it for you! support.my.com/games/kb/RO/?code=en_US

    • Guardt -

      Oh It's ok Kaeden it was on my side but i got in and leveling up <3 atm when i will see the golden wing and the big mount to ride on with my friends?

    • Kaeden -

      Founder pack items will be granted at the start of Open Beta

  • TheLastShadow -

    I wanted to play this game but I still have yet to be given a key. I was given the email to download the game, will have to say this is the dumbest thing to do. You should only give the download to people who can actually play it then and there. Otherwise you're just giving false hope and wasting peoples time. I wanted to play but I guess at this rate I wont get a key in time because I will be playing other betas instead of this one.

  • Hiseki -

    Kaeden it there a ways ya could help me down my lvl back to 59 because i make a mistake lvl up to 61 and now i cant quae for pvp because it not soo manny people that can quae up for lvl 60 pvp ?

  • Magno -

    Kaeden,i already have key of the 2th cbt,i will need of other key for the 3th cbt? '-'

    • Nocht -

      I'm not Kaeden, but I will answer this for you since the info. is available on every social media platform Revelation is on. Yes, you'll need a new key. :)

      "Please be aware that the CBT1&2 keys have been temporary and have expired (except the Founder Pack keys). But don’t worry, we have something in store for you!"

    • Kaeden -

      Nocht is correct CBT1 & 2 keys were temporary keys and will not work for CBT3, we currently have a instant win for keys going on on our Facebook page feel free to check it out!

  • Cryssy -

    Happy New Year, Kaeden ^ u ^

  • Ags -

    Hey Kaeden can you tell me how to trigger guild boss event after builing the funland? My chinese is still bad

  • skyresq1 -

    Was a winner picked in the naming of the Chief??? Just curious..

    • Kaeden -

      The winners haven't yet been announced yet we'll do so on the forums once the decision has been finalised :)

  • Spartaccus -

    keaden the trying to loging into cbt2
    but is not working