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, Reading thread Spiritshaper 3v3 Arena (Snowpine)
  • shizenne -

    hiii can you tell me your stats plz? :D (basic attributes)

  • Chlors -


  • Keo -

    Sir. I meat I want to join ur guild. I did apply in game and form

    • dimach -

      I think if I recall your name, you are on snowpine and we are on darkfall >.>

    • Keo -

      Im on DarkFall and I did apply in game as well. Hope u see it

    • dimach -

      Yeah sorry, I saw it but we have pretty strict requirements atm and you don't fall into that category I'm sorry :(

    • Keo -

      nvm :D... Let me know later if I can in

  • Keo -

    Sir. I meat I want to join ur guild. I did apply in game and form

  • thebluehero -

    Hi there. How's it going. Your guild sounds awesome.

    I'm also going to NA Server 1. I am looking for an Alliance for my small and humble guild.

    I wanna get some Alliances going before head starts in about 16 hours.

    I'm very nice and a pro rev online player myself.

    I am looking to alliances early and your guild seems like a very good choice.

    However if you think I and my guilds is not that great. It's all good no hard no fowl. However if you wanna give me a

    chance to show my small humble guild a chance. Please reply if not all good no worries.

    I'm honest, straightforward and humble. So I will say this I am using this same message to look for 3-5 more guilds in which I can align with.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this Dimach.

    • dimach -

      not really making any alliances yet, would like to see the OBT server situation before anything. Thank you for your interest.