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  • Lumina -

    Saw your profile pic with 杨洋 on one of the threads and I had to come say hiiiiii. DID YOU LOVE {LOVE O2O} OR WHAT <3

    • L J -

      恩, 我正在看这个,觉得不错。 哈哈。 好多年前读过这本书。 ^^

    • Lumina -

      因为我是美国人我从来没有听说过这个小说。我看了才知道是一个小说。 我想读这个小说,但是我怕我的中文不太好。T_T

    • L J -

      hahaha dam good! my Chinese isn't good either, and i read the book over here, a friend lend it to me back when i was playing games haha.