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  • DragonAsh -

    Hello, mr Mute. Could you please check the message I sent you? I am trying to figure if I can recover my old characters, or whom to ask for help.

  • koyarovie -

    Good day Ms. Mute :)

    • MUTE -


    • koyarovie -

      wee enjoying the prized i've won :) thanks ms. mute :)

  • Mu.Ranxi -

    hi mute..My DC id was banned because I sent my live stream link. I dont know that it was not possible to send a link on the DC channel. So I asked for a chance to unban me. My DC id is (sata)

  • Lord Tenebra -

    hi... i sent a pm with screen about "my problem", i still have ban when ban explain on 19/09/2017...
    so i try to send 2-3 tickets to " support" bot never answer me, just copy and paste "bla bla bla" bot message.
    i hope you can help me.. :*

  • Cerlane -

    Hellouh :>
    What can I do if I don't remember my password for my inventory and don't have all the details for a ticket? ;(
    I know my password is correct, but it doesn't work....

  • Rykuul -

    Really hoping you guys add the spring costume to the item shop in tomorrows patch, been wanting that but came on web sale at a bad time in the month X(

  • Clover -

    hi im clover , i like your username btw

  • u_11222743 -

    Hi Mute,
    My account get banned for sharing!! Imoved to Turkey lately, i was living in Saudi Arabia, i understand that changing of ip could be a problem,but i'm the owner of the account.And they said "Yes, the suspension will not be lifted." What is my guilty.

  • Maiden -

    hi mute I sent you this message because lately we are having problems in the game, they are not technical problems, they are problems with the community and administrators members of our clan are banned without reason before being banned they receive messages from people who hate people Spanish speaking bullies make us hate us, we are friendly and peaceful people who just want to have fun and enjoy a game, forum administrators ban my colleagues without reason we send tickets and we always get an answer saying wait until the problem is solved and Nothing happens, please let the news run over these problems that we have, we do not discriminate against anyone, if they hate us solve it on the battlefield and not with false accusations of alters to invent lies we know that the person who does it is people of lotus mainly a woman who calls herself a zoete and has several accounts and her friends also harass us all So, this message is a request for help to eradicate this way of being. I do not ask anyone to be sent, I only ask for justice for all players. Apparently, administrators do not do their job legally and always leave us aside. the first decision they make is to banish my friends without giving warning in any message or having concrete proofs this can happen to any player of RO today this morning, we are not afraid of losing our advances in our accounts and losing friends we have made in RO as I said recently this can happen to anyone in the game can not play quietly without doing anything bannean if we know why .. please help us we are adventurous players of the RO world thank you very much I am a member of Angeles Caidos my name is FantasiÄ server Snowpine, to all the people who read this join our request for justice we are all human not to discrimination Thanks for your time we do not know what else to do to listen to our voice

    • MUTE -

      Hello Maiden, Please contact our Support team who will be able to assist. Please have your friends who have been banned contact our Support team as well so this can be investigated. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination in our games and this will be looked into completely :)

      Thank you,

  • Candym3ka -

    hi GM why I got chat banned for pm someone asking how to use Vanishers conch in chat? I had not done anything wrong

  • BikiniBoss -

    Hi Mute, how do I register my guild in forum? I cant find the sign up anywhere

  • u_11463629 -

    hi are you able to pm me regarding my issue with the safe heaven pack

    • MUTE -

      Hello u_11463629

      Can you please contact me via PM instead with your ticket number you have sent to Support. - You can PM me by going to the conversation section on my profile page :)

  • xGucci -

    Hey GM. Ccan u unban m'y account on discord pls

    • MUTE -

      Discord bans are permanent.

      Feel free to PM me with your Discord name and I will investigate the reason as to why you were banned - however, please note that if you were banned it was due to breaches of the Code of Conduct.

      Thank you,

  • DDiamond -

    how long more is the update?

  • SkySendDucks -

    I want my name changed back broke no rules neither is it in the filters or in game as it was my name for the month of july. in game

  • Stelleia -

    I kinda want to complain about customer support... something needs to be done about this.. cause alot of ppl are not satisfied with how they do things... can i get a Private message of some sort to discuss this?

  • Starfall -

    Hi my ticket has been up for almost a week or maybe longer, I am not sure anymore. I have been trying to top-up and the customer support is asking for all my card details and ID. I refused, they always say they have resolve the issue (based on experience with my other accounts when I submit ticket there), but it seems like they are just trying to get a quota or something for having answered a ticket. Your customer support is avoiding work and would ask question as long as they can ask to avoid work. The response is so slow. Please make action. Thank you.

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  • Copy -

    Hey , quick question if i buy the weapon skin shop , i mean if i gift it to some1 else , does it change to his class?

  • u_14381790 -

    hi,GM .my transactions have been placed ,please help me .Thanks

  • u_11516903 -

    last 2 updates have actually placed, password required to access bank on the 4th and 1st characters of my friends account. automatically as a part of new update. you log in and that is how it is from fresh/ first time launch after update.
    I know go to system and reset, then wait 7 days for this imaginary glitch, but it is such a pain since it is inherent in the new program. Will all future updates continue like this?

  • Ags -

    show up in discord

  • Nyjoker -

    i don't get last reward rainbow box and apparel weapon !! please fix it

  • u_11708169 -

    hi u there ? u got missing reward ornate cotton fix it plis

  • Vert -

    hello GM , I don't get Ornate Cotton Pack , -_-

  • Vert -

    Today I got 168K AGAIN, not little whale pedant, please fix this GM .... xD

  • Scilla -

    today i got again 168k in not Little Whale pedant
    do i need that pedant for complete event for weapon skin or not ?

  • Koebr -

    Hi, I tried Logging in and it says "Account is Frozen" any help on this would be much appreciated, cheers

  • andromeda -

    why I don't have Beta Return Gift?
    which is my friend had Late Frost, Ancient Peregrine, Nirvana Wings, and Talisman?
    and about missing reward I don't get "Ornate Cotton Pack"
    many thanks for solution and supporting