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  • Wozix -

    alloz koni healingpot here from tera :)

    • Konijntje -

      hey! how are you :)

    • Wozix -

      i ma ok happy new year btw
      how r u?

    • Konijntje -

      im good! gonna play revelation? :) also happy 2017 to you :D

    • Wozix -

      yeah i will so u know guild!!!!btw healer here

  • Scarlet Witch -

    Stalker passing by ~ :D

  • Neochrzeo -

    You better never change your profile pic to a cute cookie, or
    else I might eat you xD.

  • .x. -

    Hi, nice to see you here. I know you don't know me, but I remember your guild from Aeria Games Lime Odyssey forums. Nice to see the delicious happy cupcake pic again. ^^

    • Konijntje -

      cupcake thunder never played Lime Odyssey. To check our history check our guild topic or our official website.

    • .x. -

      The game was canceled and never came out. lol I just saw your cupcake logo and guild.

    • Konijntje -

      link me then please. i never tried to recruit for that game or ever knew about that game.

  • Neoyoshi -

    Woohoo! My favorite Cupcake is here! I hope you enjoy your time here in Revelation. :D and welcome to the community. :)

  • Thunderlight -

    Hi cupcake thunder ! Nice to meet you again ;) !