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  • chinojuan -

    im back spain dude
    !!!finaly can play

    • Deioth -

      Nice one, need help to catchup?

  • LordShadow -

    On which server will you start

    • Deioth -


  • Mahmoud -

    Where will you be most active Discord or Ts and can I have the discord server?

    • Deioth -

      [Codex] Deioth#7038

  • ShaKy -

    hi there . What sever u guys will play ?

  • Isaiah -

    Enjin Error


  • ll -Twix -

    Hey. Could u tell TS adress pls. i need to talk with some1

    • Deioth -

      codex-network.com or if you have the latest version of TS (they introduced DNS problems with the latest patch).

  • Lawlyet -


    • Deioth -

      Hello :)

  • Izaya -

    Hello Deioth,

    I made a application and i know you since start of Tera.
    Can we have a word on Discord ? i got a solid team waiting to join you guys if you still have slots

  • chinojuan -

    OMG.....i dont know they change noW start at 3rd nov? omg i go to china day 5...

  • chinojuan -

    im downloading... nice not need 25th to start download...

  • Kaelang -

    No way.

    Deioth from RIFT Alpha?

    • Deioth -

      I don't think it was me, sorry mate. I have been using this username for almost a decade though.

    • Kaelang -

      I know you from somewhere. You've been in Codex since I can remember. (If it's the same name / guild combo, which would be rare).

      What MMO's did you play? Wildstar is also ringing a bell.

    • Deioth -

      I created Codex in TERA Korea, we also play TERA EU, WildStar EU, Blade and Soul EU, Revelation CN, Revelation RU.

    • Kaelang -

      Chances are it's from Wildstar. I can't remember my character name though (or server name for that matter). I played during Alpha / CB and then onto Live for a few months.

  • chinojuan -

    nice oct 25-nov 8 can play a week

  • Kaeden -

    Just to inform you. We have selected your guild to participate in the first testings of our Guild Module.

  • Hue -

    Are you guys in the Crimson guild or have you created your own? I'm like lv38 only had it up and running a few hours... And I'm probably gonna sit at 49 to figure out everything cos I've just rushed past all the stuff so far.

    • Deioth -

      Hey Hue, we are currently in the top Chinese guild on the same server as the one the EN community is on. Some of us are in another Chinese guild (the players there are really friendly) so I think the requirements are lower, most likely you need level 60 to apply and know people inside the guild to join.
      If you wonder why we didn't make Codex in China it is mainly because it requires a lot (100+) active members to get anywhere in terms of guild progression. It is much more efficient to join the best Chinese guild on the server and get taught directly from the top players. We also get to meet a lot of really nice people from China :)

  • Veno -

    the biggest whale

    • Deioth -

      That's the only way a noob like me can win right? :D

  • Vashiro -

    Deioth from Tera EU? Astral Atrum? Or something like that? :P

    • Deioth -

      Hey Vashiro, I was in Atra Astrum in the past.

    • Vashiro -

      Ha that's awesome! I was there too but lost interest in Tera too fast. :)

    • Deioth -

      I don't remember you, did we ever play together?

    • Vashiro -

      Yes we did. I did join back then with someone called Supersushi and Strawberry if i remember her name correctly. I don't fkin remember my Berserkers name tho :s Deimos? .. dunno hm..

    • Deioth -

      Come play with us Revelation China :)