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    Kitah x Archangel = Kitarch <3
    Hellooo kitah! here have some Christmas cookies *gives*

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    amg I found you~

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    KITA <3

  • booterbotter -

    so hows the server merge?
    you guys should ban those bots unless my.com is being paid?
    my name may be booterbotter but I hate bots specially as it destroyed the game economy + you lost a lot of players because of it. my.com should know better and do better. :)

  • u_11516903 -

    last 2 updates have actually placed, password required to access bank on the 4th and 1st characters of my friends account. automatically as a part of new update. you log in and that is how it is from fresh/ first time launch after update.
    I know go to system and reset, then wait 7 days for this imaginary glitch, but it is such a pain since it is inherent in the new program. Will all future updates continue like this?

  • NZT -

    Check PM please

  • DarqKing -

    Kitah i sended you a pm, please check it for me and thank you for being understanding and communicate with us. I got chat ban bug on march 17 and waiting since.

  • Synesty -

    about my frozen account, i tried to make a new account while waiting for my ticket to be attended by any of their staff. but the same thing is happening. how can i play Revelation now?

  • Chi -

    "There will be costumes added soon." does soon mean within a month or a few months or a year ; - ;
    //I just want my layered beautiful hairstyle and white night :<

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    Thank you for visiting my profile Kitah, much appreciated ^^ <3

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    Thanks for The visit!

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    Will we get the official server up time soon? Also are territory wars expected to be live the very first Saturday of early access?

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    Have you checked the thread for which I marked you? Its about those crashes... for which you were dealing over the bugtracker... :)

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    Long time since I came to the Forums! Seems you're still popular as ever in the Revelations Online Community ;o!

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    Everything will be alright.

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      Liar! The Brownie knows the tooth... I mean truth!

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    KITAH! Will you be playing CBT3 with us?

    • Worsma -

      ...or don't say anything...that tells me a lot too. :c

    • Kitah -

      Oh. I never got a notification that you wrote on my wall :D
      I will be in CBT3, on the EU_1 server. However, I probably won't be playing as much this time round. Don't want to get too burnt out before OBT. :P

    • Worsma -

      Yeeeeet!~ Guess who's going to get stalked?? :3

    • Kitah -


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      That's right! You!~ :D

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    • Kitah -

      Hi there o/

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      Support me emotionally, Kitah.

    • Kitah -


    • Neil -


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    Thank you very much Kitah for you and Scarlet Witch taking the time and effort for this:


    You both don't know how much music is "part" of me! -)


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    having a ruff time it seems kitah :X take this pic i.imgur.com/rOVYghU.jpg

  • Dolnor -

    Currently going through the Outstanding Bug Reports and posting any additional information that I have screenshots for...to move the report forward. I'm holding off submitting any new bug reports involving Quest Localization issues but may be adding them onto reports, submitted by other people, that are stalled.

    Just and FYI... TQQdles™

  • Dolnor -


    Is there any way you can request the GMs to delete my character on NA_Test1 server (DolnorNumbwit) at this time so I can use that slot to look for bugs from the character's beginning state? If I were to request it to be deleted, I would have to wait for 7 days or so...missing testing time.

    I forgot to delete it before this round of CBT closed! -*(

    I don't have any attachment to any of my testing characters.


    • Kitah -


      I will see what I can do and get back to you via PM :)

      Have a lovely day,

    • Dolnor -

      Sorry, I was deleting some videos of the game and found out the character on the NA_Test1 server was "NoldorNumbwit", not Dolnor. Details..details -)


  • Aehr Forest -

    Hi Kitah,
    I hope i havent caused to much unhappiness on your side. It is rare to find many people appretiate your function. Even though this sounds corny, thank you for your assistance and restrained response to the many comments people make.
    It is a pity many people will twist and change every word to make some point, but most importantly we must remain optimistic. I can only thank all the people, you included, for being understanding and helpful. The more we know about the issues you need to find, the easier it should be to identify the core of the issue (which few people seem to understand).
    So, please do keep up the work you have done and are doing till thus far. Last thing we need is someone that ignores everything and no progress is made. Same goes for all those reading this post, please do continue finding the issues. "Then we can have Kitah work for us forever!"
    Thank you,

  • Villani -

    Appreticate the mention! o/

    Honestly though, it seems to be breaking my Notifications box completely and I can't remove it:

    How to fix? ;(

    Edit. About the broken image in: ro.my.com/forum/bugtracker/iss…l-item-name-not-matching/
    Can't edit the post as it's closed but here's the image: i.imgur.com/SR7YDR1.png

    • Kitah -

      Hi there,

      I am also getting the same issue, I have passed it over to the team to look into.

  • Dolnor -

    Kitah, Is there a way to report a bug/issue that could/will be exploited by the players...but not going through the Bug Tracker? I tried the Support Ticket version but it just points me back to the Bug Tracker.

    Is there another avenue I can use to report this issue?


    • Kitah -

      If you report it to be via PM I can pass it along to the team. Same information as bug reports will be required, of course.

      Thank you!

      Hope you had a nice Christmas :)

    • Dolnor -

      I don't see any option here to PM you. Only see Wall, Recent Activity, Likes, About Me, Error reports and suggestions, Poke, Follow, Search for Content by Kitah, Report User Profile, and New Conversation.

      Am I blind?

      Nevermind...Got another email reply stating it is ok to post it in the Bug Reporter.

      Per the email from Support: "After further review we cannot really confirm that this kind of a bug can turn out to be of substential advantage to our players. There is no harm in posting it in the official Forum thread."

      BTW, another mass of bug report incoming tomorrow! MUHahahahaaaaa......<gasp><wheeze>


    • Kitah -

      Luckily I'll be around to catch your huge wave tomorrow :D

      Exploits aren't really a huge issue in a CBT, but if they don't get fixed then they can be huge in OBT. I will pass it along when I go through the reports tomorrow.

      The PM button is on the top right-hand side on my profile, it should be there. 'New Conversation' is the PM button :P

      Have a lovely day,

    • Dolnor -

      Counting down until the end of CBT2...TOO LITTLE TIME!...<pulls hair out>

      I am next reporting the NPC menu bugs...where NPCs either show items or requirements. These types of bugs have a LOT of different issues in the same screenshot.

      Would you like me to list all of the issues in detail (type, what the text says, where it is in the image, etc.) or just refer to them in the Message (I.E: Note text is truncated, obscured, not translated under the "Gloves" tab) and other generalities?

      Some of the issues with certain NPCs will take multiple images to include all the errors. I am just trying to cut down on the time it takes to prepare the images and report them...so I can report more. -)


    • Kitah -

      Sorry for late response.

      If you can refer to them in the message and highlight it in the screenshot with a red box for example that would be fantastic.

      Thank you,

  • Dolnor -

    Kitah, I reported this bug: ro.my.com/forum/bugtracker/iss…9-1602-5/?action=firstNew

    Since then I have found 20 more NPCS that were named in a similiar fashion "Description 1,2,3,4,5..." where a description of what the NPC is and a number afterwards.

    Would you/devs like me to report all of them or are these NPCs merely showing a "Placeholder" name...which are already on the Devs "to be fixed" list?


    • Kitah -

      Hello there,

      Sorry for the late response!

      Firstly, I'd like to say that your reports are absolutely outstanding and extremely helpful for our QA team, please keep up the good work. As for these NPCs, if you can report them in separate tickets that would be fantastic. (If they are near the same area (such as 'Sulan') then you can report them in the ticket, still please give the Region Location (coordinates) for each NPC as you have been doing. They are most likely on the 'to be fixed' list already, but it never hurts to have this checked again - definitely if it is still an issue now.

      Thank you very much and keep up the amazing work!

    • Dolnor -

      Sorry for the late response myself too! -)

      Ok, I'll report them as you say...individual unless grouped.

      Sorry I didn't reply until now...takes a long time to make those "pretty" bug reports. I spent the last 6 hours preparing the ones I've just reported.

      And it being Christmas Season here in the USA, friends/family/Real Life comes first! -)

      I'll be submitting more reports after the Dec. 26. I'll start on those "placeholder named NPCs" next.


    • Kitah -

      Hello Dolnor!

      Thank you very much, and no worries! Take all the time you need. I hope you have a very good Christmas and a happy holiday season :)

      I've submitted all of your reports to QA, and will switch them once they've been checked over (which will most likely be a bit later in the week as they also have Christmas) :D

      Your reports have been fantastic! Keep up the amazing work. :)

      Have a lovely day,

  • Heartless Angel -

    Someone in Forum, need help with his deluxe founderpack purchase

    • Kitah -

      Can you post the link here?

    • Heartless Angel -

      There 2 people who need help, i posted both links seperated (=

    • Kitah -

      Posted on both, Cheers.

      Removed the links so they don't clog up my wall :P

    • Heartless Angel -

      Copy paste god ^^
      GG <3

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    *silent poke*

    • Kitah -

      Not so silent!

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      *watches and eats popcorn*

    • Skraty -

      what chu talking about u heard nothing D:

    • Kitah -

      I did now!

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    • Kitah -

      Yeah :)