Occultist Class Overview FINALLY!! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

    • L J wrote:

      LV. 79 Occultist Soloing a boss

      To those people that think Occultist is kind of lackluster, maybe this video will change your mind.

      It's soloing a boss that normally take a party to take down. and that boss is 23.5mil hp looks like.

      i set video to high quality so i can see easier, looks like the occultist isn't bad at end game lol.
      ever so slightly, just because seeing how reactive the little bubble is to explode and self heal with decent ping is reassuring. when I tried that on CN it would always get too far away before I could burst it, but of course that's with 400 ping, so it's nice to see it's MUCH more reactive. I think this video also looks so good because the player is very skilled at not being hit, so he's not taking too much damage to need to heal it back up again.

      that said though, my opinion comes more from PvP where they still seem to be lacking cc/kiteability/self preservation while trading it for some party buffs, and more than likely WILL be hit more. in order to self heal you must cast aoe things that have a slight delay in which you could already die, and they have no definite way to get out of sticky situations from what I see.. more so just ways to get into WORSE situations, like that body swap with an enemy or their teleport to their totem. If you're in a situation where your whole group is moving back quickly and your totem is the exact direction you don't want to be going.. then.. you're kinda SOL, right? Unless the body swap in light stance allows you to teleport to allies, that would be interesting.

      Edit: nope, re-watched the video, it just swaps with an ally and removes CC effects from them. I suppose this COULD be useful if you put down your totem far back, jump in to save an ally, then port back to your totem.. so you still end up having to do extra things just to do what the spiritshaper or swordmage already could have gotten out of, while also putting your squishy self at risk. Lets you save an ally though~

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    • I mean Cryy and Veno worked it out themselves.. Both were in the wrong imo.. Veno gave good info but came off a little snippy, cryy was snippy back. The world ended.. we were all reborn.. move on... Occultists have buttons to press and a scythe.
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    • Cynabunny wrote:

      zyla420 wrote:

      Hey everyone, I have a question about this class if anyone could possibly enlighten me. After watching the vid and seeing how alot of this classes abilities have a function for each the light and dark stances, with some having secondary triggers like an AoE heal/nuke if you hit the attack again I was wondering something. Can you switch stances between light and dark in the middle of these attacks to activate the secondary trigger for the stance you just switched to? An example of what I mean would be like this:

      Use Soul Betrayal in dark mode on an enemy, then after they get hit switch to light mode and detonate the orb for an AoE heal instead of the dark mode AoE attack. Or does switching between light/dark modes cancel the effects of any attacks/heals/dots/hots currently active on the field?

      I was thinking it could be an interesting twist if combinations like that were possible with some of the other abilities, and could be used as emergency heals mid attack, or make for fluid transitions from one mode to the other to kinda dps while healing at the same time.
      No, the moment you use an ability in its respective stance it remains that way. So I cannot drop a dark totem then switch to light and blow it up for a heal, it will still have the darkness effect.
      Thnx for the response. That's too bad, I think it could have made for some interesting playstyles for the class. It still looks quite fun to play and actually has me interested in playing a healer for the first time in an mmo (even though I personally think I'd be horrible at it).
    • ty cryy, great vid and I took it as simply a guide of what this class is, which you clearly clarify many times, the animations and the concept behind it. This is a back up healer, oki cool learned that from your vid. Im not silly enough to think the spells are going to be the exact same as the CN versions so what they have on CN is worthless to me. In closed/open beta I can hash out the nitty gritty of it. I'm just not the type to start cutting up the turkey before its even on the thanksgiving table.
      I'm off to watch more of your class vids to get an idea of what they are, what I want to give it a shot at and ones I won't bother with. Thanks again
    • How you all will distribute your stats?
      Some say Hard reset at the point you can distribute yourself and full on Agility and others say you should keep the Automatic distributed points and maybe some more points for your HP so your are not an already broken Glass-Canon. And the more points you put in one stat the lower is the result....

    • Heya! Pretty new to this community by the Occultist was my obvious first choice as I'd start with a few friends anyways, one is a determined tank player and I thought going for a hybrid class would just be the best thing to do. Sadly, we'll have to wait for the Open Beta to start enjoying the game completely, but already looking forward.
      The video was great to get a glimpse into the class without the need of playing it that far by myself, thank you very much!
    • Just wanted to say thanks Cryy for all your vids for all the classes, especially Occultist, which I'll be playing. :)
      Appreciate the effort you put into all of them, including the founder's pack vid, made my decisions easy.

      I'm looking forward to the game more & more everyday.
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