New in the game ^^ I need answers

    • New in the game ^^ I need answers

      Hi all!

      I played a while ago and I left right away, but this time I want to play it seriously. However, I need to know some things. I am a PVP player and I would like to know the following:

      1- What are the ways to do PVP? What are the rewards in each one? I need you to explain everything to me about this. Is there a PVP equipment other than PVE or is it the same?

      2- I do not know what class to play. I always throw in support classes. Which class is the most defensive? It's my style, the less I have to fight better. This does not mean that I have to put myself on the battlefield to support my team curing or invoking things, or giving auras, etc.

      For now this is all I need to know for now.

      Thanks in advance ^^
    • it is quite a lot to explain. i think its best u play and learn, cause u can t learn it all in one post. regarding class, u dont want to fight u dont want to be in battle? tell me a class that dont do any of that. but closest to ur need would be healer... like every other game. and join a guild to help u with further in game info. that will be a good start
    • I'm mostly PvE players so I'll let other people reply that 1st one. For 2nd, Defensive, you can go for Vanguard (tank) or Spirit Shaper (healer). Everyone will be involved in battles. No sitting out. You can try to be tank Blademaster or healer Occultist for fun. In PvP, I know for sure you'll be main target if healer. Good luck
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    • Spirit Shaper is the healer class
      I actually play healer I really enjoy it it's a really fun class though there seems to be a bit too many of them atm
      PVE gear is found in end-game dungeon
      PVP is difficult at this point in game and very expensive you need 2xpvp pieces from army coins which are difficult to get now since pvp is minimal
      the rest is all crafted which is huge rng and expensive; yes you can make it as f2p in this game people want to scream p2w and not farm or work for anything it is just a lot of grinding
      For PVP there is battlegrounds but it only pops during events; still fun though
      there is also weekly events that you need to be in a guild to participate in each provides stuff such as guild fealty items; notes and possibly coins (depending); jades and there are other possible rewards
      there is also imperial war which I haven't done so I couldn't tell you the exact rewards but the fealty from it helps you get your badges and other assorted stuff
      good luck
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