No sound in cutscenes

    • No sound in cutscenes

      Okay so, I quit RO about a year ago and for nostalgia's sake I decided to make a new char so I could rewatch RO's storyline, this time hopefully fully translated (as back then a lot of it was still in written chinese and I couldn't follow all of the story).
      But the cutscenes have no sound! There's nothing more terrible than watching some epic flying / action like scene with crickets in the background... (yes for some reason the ambient sounds from where your character was before the cutscene started do still keep going).

      I noticed there were a few threads on this topic already in 2017, has the sound simply been removed and never put back in?? Back then the "reason" was apparently that they were working on implementing English versions… But does that take over a year to do???
      If the English versions are never coming, is there a way to put back the chinese sound files?? Cause without sound these cutscenes are horrible 8|

      If there's no way to get the sound back I'll just uninstall again I guess ;(