5v5 MOBA dosnt que pop.

    • 5v5 MOBA dosnt que pop.

      4 hour que on Snowpine for a new mode and it dosnt pop - clearly there is a problem of not enough people in the game yet we still have 4 servers. Pretty sure its time to make it only 2 servers at this point if u want the game to last any longer.
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    • If there will be a server merge, please provide free transfers for players that have characters on multi servers. Many have spent cash to support this game. Also, providing more character slots on servers to current player base (that do transfers) would help avoid further population decreases. Many games that revamped their worlds/servers did this to retain their loyal players. This game is set up that every character on an account has to do everything independent of each other, yet the awards are mainly account based to be designated to a specific character on the same account, no matter which server they are on.

      Yes, a server merge is probably needed. It would not be the first or second, but how it is done will most likely determine the future of the game. ;)
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      youre asking for a feature they dont have the power to implement. my.com just licenses the game they do not develop it. game has been open beta since 2015 and for us NA on my.com later but does not change the fact that they do not make the changes they simply implement what netease gives them. if the chinese server implemented it at some point after release then it will probably happen here otherwise my.com aint writing the codes.

      also no one likes a moba game in a mmorpg they worked hard and spent money to make there character crush others. it will never be a popular mode.