Where to get weapons in game. Currently lvl 40 looking for same halberd

    • Where to get weapons in game. Currently lvl 40 looking for same halberd

      My current weapon is lvl 29, and I am lvl 40. Is there a place besides auction that I can get a lvl 40, or do I need to craft one? I have not done anything in craft yet other than gather and fish. I like playing, but not into the crafting, prefer to be able to just upgrade equipment and weapons.
    • lvl 49 gunner with lvl 29 pistols, and low lvl jewelry some armor

      At this lvl I was in hope of finding an answer to my question. How do I get better pistols, and gear? I have been doing the max raids for the last two weeks, and have even seen anything for a gunner. I have collected weapons/armor for other classes, but for a gunner nothing. I do not have 200K to get pistols at auction and even they are lvl 59-69. I do almost no damage. It seems to take a half hour just to kill a crab. Can anyone tell me where or how to get lvl 45-50 gear or is this something I have to craft? Have not done crafting other than gather and fish.
    • Hi,

      What I'm about to say is purely based on what I've learned from other players/my own observations. I am by no means an expert, so please take what I say with several grains of salt.

      First off, don't worry about the crabs, because all mobs that used to be part of Scour quests got buffed, so they are all equally difficult to kill at earlier levels (mechs, crabs, yaks, elemental stones, stumplets). As for weapons, you can also craft the weapons/gear/accessories that require rare mats from the expert 1* and 3* raids. In Sulan and Sidus Ur, you can find an NPC (female) in an alley near the Imperial Society area (northwest on the Sulan map). There's several NPCs in that alley, look for a female named something along the lines of Jessie Mars. With her, you can craft all brackets of gold tier gear using combinations of Hematite and rare materials dropped only in expert level raids (Darkfall Expert, Grand Bulwark Expert, etc). This is one of the better sets of gear you can get in the game bar the Eternal Chasm gear, but that stuff is end game gear. Don't buy stuff on the auction house, because usually gear up there is stuff people don't want, hence why they sell it. Some players also like to get blueprint crafted gear from Ko Kogen (another NPC in that alley) and then roll the stats, but that's rather expensive to do so unless you're absolutely loaded or dumping money into the game, you should probably reconsider.

      With the gold rare mats gear, you can either start from the bottom and craft upwards, or you can powerlevel to 79 and then start gearing up then. The catch is that if you start now with the lowest level bracket of gear, the next bracket will utilize the previous bracket's gear, i.e level 60-69 gear will use the 50-59 gear to lower the material requirements. Some people don't want to wait though so they go straight to 79 and somehow complete their gear faster (items like silverstone/hematite are easily obtained in the 70s bracket because you earn lots of merit with Stephan Zagar, so its easy to buy these 2 items in bulk). If you're in the 70s, anyone 69 and lower will earn you merit in a raid, so you accumulate lots of it on a daily basis. Merit is a currency used by the Imperial Society to reward players for helping lower level players in raids.

      It's also worth mentioning that with the gold tier rare mat gear, the lowest level bracket is 50-59. So don't worry about being in the 40-49 and not doing any damage, because that's just how it is at that level. Do Daily Token and Seeking Spirits every day (DT/SS in world chat) and you'll level to 50-59 in about a week or two.

      I'd post pictures for your reference too but I'm not online right now. I hope this helps explain to some degree!

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    • Hello :( It seems you have a hard time killing the crab on Black Market quest, which I understand :P
      It is so much easier to be done in a party! And it is not easy even for me, a level 79 Spiritshaper!

      For that specific quest, I strongly recommend you to look for a party, but something else more helpful:

      LOOK FOR A GUILD! ^^
      Guilds are usually the basis of the game, a nice guild would be able to teach you all of the knowledge you need!
      (As long as you are not too pushy, and could mingle around with them)

      For gears on normal storyline, you dont need good gears! You will be totally fine with gears you obtain throughout your normal gameplay :)
      Of course, getting better gears is possible, and is most efficient with help from guildmates!
      Boing Boing :/