Gear Sets

    • Can someone help walk me through gear sets, I only vaguely know how they work since I have never gotten an EC gear set myself and the set effects on dungeon gear is new. Primarily I am wondering about the differences between demonslayer crafted gear (same as dungeon drops), blueprint gear, PvP (army coin gear) and EC gear. Things like what are the set bonuses? How do you activate the sets (where to get blood of the fallen/battle spirit)? Anything else in general I should know about how sets work I guess since I don't really know enough about them to know what to ask :S
    • For PvP, you need 2 pieces of PvP Armor (Army coin gear), usually Helmet + Chestpiece, or Helmet + Gloves combination.
      The remaining armor will be Blueprint gears, with their relevant set effect to achieve the 4% Defense set bonus.

      For PvE, a full set of EC gear is desirable.
      It depends if you are a DPS or Healer. Since healer does not really need special gears for PvE, I will explain DPS's side.

      For long battles, you go for 5/5 set on EC Pearls. They will increase mainly your normal skil's damage significantly.
      For short battles, players go for 8 set on EC Pearls, leaving the remaining to be two [Crit Increment] blueprint rings. This is mostly the case since bosses just die so quickly, it can hardly become a long battle for 5/5 set to be viable.

      In short, 5/5 set is better for consistent long term damage, while 8 set is better for short time sudden burst damage on short PvE battles.
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