Inventory items for new player

    • Inventory items for new player

      Started this game today and have a full backpack lvl 25. What items do I need to keep and what can I get rid of? How do I get more space? Do we have other storage? What do I do with the clothes and weapons I am no longer using from story.
    • Hello,

      At level 25 you should have some curiosity quests that will explain how to unlock the bank inventory and how to increase your bag inventory.

      Press L while ingame, open the "available" tab, and search for purple/violet quests, or head to this NPC at the south of Sulan, she will give you the quests.

      Inventory Attendant - Revelation Online Codex
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    • Also to add onto this:

      • White and Green gears and weapons you do not need/want can be vendor trashed (sold to an npc).
      • Blue can either be sold or you can use the salvage tool (hammer icon bottom of backpack) and hope to get a hematite
      • Purple gears are best salvaged since they have the better chance of giving hematite
      Read item descriptions. This helps you get an idea of what items are used for. There is very little in this game that can be deemed 'useless' outside of unnecessary gear pieces (you don't have any items whose sole purpose is to sell to an NPC for money - you do have some items that are currency though, but those are very obvious if you look at them). However some items you may not want/need. Mythos items are used only for a feature where you basically explore more storyline which may not be for you (Lvl 49+). Crafting items outside of low/medium stone/wood are only helpful in some quests or if you want to craft. Make sure to unlock your crafting bag as well (resources) which will allow you to move those gatherables out of your backpack.

      Here are some things that you will want in your backpack:
      • Vanisher's Scrolls - Travel to a portal from anywhere
      • Egret Feathers - Zip to dungeon entrances
      • Wind Scroll - Resets the cooldown on Flight to Safety (Guild base)
      • Raid-Specific Respawn runes - Lets you resurrect if you die in a dungeon
      • HP/MP Items (Shiitake Tarts, Soothing Pastille, Coconut Milk, Toadling Rum)
      Other items such as hematite, phlogiston, tier beads, Dao, Skill pages, etc are better kept in your inventory. These items are used for improving character and you will most likely not need them quickly and will have time to go look at your inventory if you are working on your character.

      • Backpack - Always available on you (Available at lvl 1)
      • Inventory - Found in major cities as a secondary storage location (available once you reach Sulan)
      • Resources - Unlocked by reaching lvl 20 and lvl 10 Social Level (crafting or by eating food in the hotsprings)
      • Apparel - Holds costumes that you aren't wearing (Available at lvl 1)
      • Cross Server - Holds specific items mostly related to imperial wars including food/hp/mp items (Unlocked at lvl 69 cannot expand)
      • Temporary - Holds recently opened/looted items (cannot store items here)
      • Purchases - Where any item you buy from the aurum store goes for retrieval (can't store items here)
      • Home Storage Cabinet - This is placed inside your home and can hold only unbound items, size dependent upon your house size. Purchase from Volop Genen inside the Inn lobby.

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    • u_31801825 wrote:

      Have another problem that I can not find any information on. In inventory some items if right clicked vanish. They are not in storage or the back pack. Where do they go , and how do I get them back
      If they vanished then you used the item. They were probably currency (Coins or Notes) or favor items. Other possibilities is food, hp/mp consumables or exp items.

      Nothing is ever 'lost' when right clicked, but consumed and applied to your character in some form. In the case of the currency it would now appear in the balance at the bottom of your backpack. EXP items are applied to your character, favor items are kept similar to your coins and the balance can be viewed from the factions tab in the character window.
    • Hello,

      What were you doing while you clicked the items? Sometimes, players forget that they are interacting with a vendor, and instead of using an item, they sell it.

      About your bags, maybe they were added to the other inventory bags (bottom line of the inventory, you'll see some "bags" icons).
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    • I was trying to install the bag to increase my inventory. That or was moving the bag to my bank so I could increase its inventory space, I can not remember. Some items you right click on and they move from BP to bank, and some vanish. Yesterday I was working on my soul grid, and had a stage 2 moon crystal I was going to install, and I right clicked it, and it vanished. Good thing I had a stage 1 extra. I just find it hard to know what items are going to vanish ( change into something else) or are going to do what you wanted them to do. Is it possible to stop items from changing or vanishing when right clicked?
    • u_31801825 wrote:

      Is it possible to stop items from changing or vanishing when right clicked
      Items are not supposed to vanish or change to another item when right clicked.
      The only exception is if they are consumables (e.g. Item Boxes, convertible item forms)

      If you believe that is not the case, please provide full details on every sequence and consequence how did you produce that vanishing/changing moment.
      If it is proven true, it would be a serious matter and has to be reported to the Support team.
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    • I had 2 lvl 2s that I had mad, and got a 3rd single that I was going to try and make a lvl 3. I could not remember how to merge them so I was going to reinstal the lvl 2, and when I right clicked it, it vanished. It was not in inventory. This was just one of many items that have vanished, and I have reported this problem 2 times, but have not gotten a response. Just most games have you right click to install and remove items so it is a habit.
    • It sounds like you are still checking your bag and inventory. Did you open your character window and go to the soul grid tab to see if it is on your soul grid? Also don't forget your inventory and backpack has a search function at the top so you can search for the soul grid item in each place. I know I have occasionally overlooked the item I was trying to find and freaked out when it wasn't where I thought it would be.