[My.loot] Star Pack/Astral Attire Feedback

    • [My.loot] Star Pack/Astral Attire Feedback

      Dear R.O.

      This Astral Attire in My.loot.com, please kindly send them to Web Store or IN-GAME shops for purchase. The system to get one in the chest is prostrating!!!!! X( X( X(

      Please send them to web shops or In-Game store for us to be able to purchase it......

    • Heyo Heyo!

      Soo, unluckily they released the Ocean Pack instead of the Galaxy/Star one with the launch of New Sulan (( :thumbdown: ))
      But I saw they put the Attire dress on the myloot chests, which is for my opinion a bit unfair since:
      1) It's totally random, and already saw many players trying to get it, so I think the % to get it is really low
      2) How much money shall I spend knowing *put some irony here* how much I'm lucky?
      What about to put at least the dress or the weapon skin in the game shop since more I see that chest, more I see people wasting money :/

    • Hello , I was really hoping for that Astral Pack to come out but when i saw it went in the chest i thought too that it would be a wallet killer and it's also less recent than Ocean pack. How came they got Ocean first than Astral ?( ? I think they should have sticked to the items release date :thumbsup: instead of putting them at the same time in different shops :thumbdown:
    • I did post several threads on this one, even on the Ocean Breeze Packs, which is I'm not buying because I am waiting for the STAR Packs which is they named ASTRAL ATTIRE...….

      I even said something on Mandii's post, I DEMAND A STAR or ASTRAL ATTIRE COLLECTOR PACK, it is way better than the Ocean Breeze one...
      right everyone????
    • u_14876910 wrote:

      Ive opened over 600 chests so far, and havent received a single orange tier item :) so knowing mycom, the chances are probably 1 in 10,000.
      600????? =O HOLY!!!!! no comment, I only opened around 20 to 25.... :whistling: || I stop from that point because I know I will curse R.O. if I continue for more and got nothing sooo I spend the remaining points for one Mark IV chest at least I feel a little satisfied.... :/
    • i opened boxes for 5000 points, one of 50 cost, not 1 apparel in there. when we now can assume that ca 900 points anyone get, if spend ca 50 euro, there is something easy to see. spend money and get nothing, the next thing is, the rune boxes are bound, of cause, wouldnt be bad if we could sell it, right? so its clear at some point they get useless when we sit there with 25 rune boxes, unable to sell.

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    • Disconnesso wrote:

      Anyone saw someone who got the dress in game ? I didn't see anyone who got it , cause the chances are very low
      I haven't seen anyone with it yet on DO.

      I've opened over 1000 boxes now without getting a single orange tier item, and only a few red tier items. So that's... $500+ without getting the dress. Going to go ahead and say that these boxes are a huge scam, lol... for people like me, at least xD Guess its time to give up on it and never by a loot box again.
    • Should we just go ahead and assume that all (good) new outfits will be locked behind huge paywalls or rng?

      I was so excited for the release of new sulan and the new fashions that came with it.

      The galaxy outfit especially, I saw the previews before it was released, and was super excited to get it. I even changed into a loli because I loved the loli version of it.

      Was really sad to find that it went into a rng lootbox.

      I didnt mind dropping $60 for the large ocean pack, it was worth it.

      But 1000 galaxy loot boxes later, and no outfit... yeah, that is ridiculous.

      The drop chance, at the most, SHOULD be 1/100, considering how much money that is ($100+, even way more if you dont purchase the special mycoin deals).

      Based on my own chances, im guessing the loot box chances are at the LEAST 1/1000, which is $1000+ for an outfit.
    • Honestly, I was kinda happy when I see my.com utilizes their old sale system concerning new costume especially the set one. IE the ocean Pack, but then I saw the skem box in the my loot, and I was like...I'm re-thinking in investing anymore money in my.com. I'm already unhappy with the tier-spending approach, because although it is only cosmetic. It still feel way too expensive, and unrewarding toward the spender. And as more people buy into this type of system we will see more kind of promo like this, and only pushes people to quit the game faster. And this is the same for skem box.