Collector Pack: Ocean Breeze

    • Collector Pack: Ocean Breeze


      The gates to New Sulan are yawning open on Monday to reveal all the improvements and new features that have carefully been put together for Revelation Online’s latest major update. It’s been long in the making, sure, which is why it ranks among the most significant expansions to the game so far. New Sulan is certainly a release worthy of a celebration, and what better to do that than by splashing out on a brand new collector’s pack!

      There are two new packs to dive into, together known as the Ocean Set. The Paradise Pack, comes with an exclusive title, a pair of cheeky pets and a mount that will create tidal waves wherever you go. Then there is the Heart Of The Sea Packthat’s shimmering bounty of costumes, weapon skins, wings and a full month of boosts and Premium Service.

      The Ocean Set packs are only available for a limited time and will one day sink beneath the waves, never to be seen again. Check them out before they do by hitting the big button below.

      Why haven't I received my pack?
      The items in the pack are related to the New Sulan update, you will receive them after the update has gone live. We will inform you once sending is complete on Discord.

      Where will I find my pack?
      You will find your pack you have purchased in your web inventory after the New Sulan update has gone live.

      What if I buy the pack after the update?
      You will receive your pack in your web-inventory as soon as your payment is verified.
    • The Heart of the Sea pack is tempting, I'm not soo sure since I already love my existing phoenix outfit..... hmmmmm I'm having a 50/50 on this one....

      However, I've been waiting for the Star Weapon and Fashion Pack...... Aside from Phoenix, that outfil is what i've been waiting for!!!!

      Pleaseeee STAR WEAPON AND FASHION PACK!!!!!! I'll definitely reserve one for it..... ^_~
    • shortie wrote:

      I haven't received mine and the new sulan has gone thru and my payment has gone thru too .
      If you purchased a Ocean Breeze/ or Paradise Pack and have yet to receive it, Please give it a few hours to send to your web inventory. If you still have not received it by 1800CET/ 0900PST on Sept/25/18, then please send a ticket to Support who can further look into the issue. The team is aware that the packs have been delayed in sending. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you!