Hello I am Returning player

    • Hello I am Returning player

      Hello everyone.

      I played Revelation Online since launch for 3 months then I stopped due to personal reason.
      During those 3 months I been quite active and enjoyed the game back then.
      Servers I played in was Darkfall and Snowpine.

      Its been, I'm not sure how long, but maybe one year since i left(?)
      Today I decided to come back and return to the game. I do missed this game and my characters.

      So I was wondering if i can find people that I can play/hang out with or guild
      I do have Steam and Discord. Mostly on steam (since most of my friends are there and my games)

      Classes I enjoyed here are Vanguard (Do keep in mind I no pro at it)
      But but, I do like all classes. But.... I have not try Assassin yet.
      Most of my characters are level 49 and above (Could be higher but people back then said do not level up till have proper gears)

      About me
      -actually shy person
      -from Malaysia (SEA) region
      -do not have real friends but have nice and caring online friends
      -mostly love PvE content/game , less into PvP content/game
      -tend to get grumpy when hungry

      Thank you for those reading this
      Pardon my grammar as that is my weakness in writing.

      Have a nice day.
    • First off don't stay at 49 anymore. Take the plunge and get to 59 or if you find a guild willing to help you out go strait to 69. There is so little content and you dramatically decrease your ability to gear your character by staying at 49 in the current game environment. Being able to get to 59 opens up a lot more content (Grand Bulwark Expert is occasionally on world chat for anyone to join even!) with 69 truly opening you up to game content and giving you full access to the resources you need to improve. Save 79 for when you are ready for end game content since you can even get into battlefield now if you felt like at 69. Secondly if you are on Darkfall ever feel free to look me up! (Lyosha in game as well) I am more then happy to run around doing dungeons (I am not a huge pvp fan either) and will totally hang out for an hour or two if I am on (I am however in the US so timezones may not line up).

      PS: Go eat food! You're not yourself when you are hungry...or so says snickers!

    • Thank you for reply. Ah I see. Thanks.
      Darkfall is the most time I spent on. I try add/look you up.
      IGN is BansheeSoul (well multiple character share same name but with additional x front/behind after).
      I did level up the vanguard and its almost to 57.
      Timezone not issue for me, I played with US players before.

      My Vanguard IGN BansheeSoulx.
      Will add you soon.
      Thanks again.