New Player From The Land Down Under!

    • New Player From The Land Down Under!

      Gday Mates!

      Like I was looking into alot of the forums and stuff regarding which server to choose and what not.. And I couldnt find my answer..

      I've created my account and am downloading the game and will drop the $69 for the founders.. But before all that I just wanted to know the 3 NA server locations..

      Im a gamer througb and true.. and when it comes to pvp and from what Im reading alot of.. PKing? I want the best possible ping.. Me being from the land down under usually puts us at most NA servers at about 200 -320 depending on location.. So are the 3 NA servers in the same place? Or are they spread? Cos im finally giving FFXVI a rest.. I wanna start fresh.. And I played on Tonberry (Japan) Server over the NA ones xP

      Also are there any other Ozzys playing? If so what world have most been joining?

      Anyways this looks fun and reminds me of Blade and Soul, Black Desert Online hahaha! When will they release SAO and make it full dive?!?!

      Looking forward to Playing with You Fellas and Ladies!

      Have A Good One!

      8) 8) 8)
    • Hello,

      The NA servers are all located at the same place (I would say California, USA, but I'm not 100% sure).

      The most important thing about RO is that there are daily and weekly events time-based.
      Most of them happen at 8PM server time, or a little sooner (6/7PM) and later (10PM) on Sundays.

      NA server time is Central Time (CDT in summer / CST in winter - UTC-5 and UTC-6)
      EU server time is CEST/CET (CEST in summer, CET in Winter - UTC+2 and UTC+1)

      So, you may create a character on each region, check the ping you get by playing for a few moments, and if the difference isn't that huge, see if it would be more interesting for you to play on EU or NA depending on your play times.

      Don't hesitate to join the RO discord server to discuss it with other players too :).
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    • Gday Folks,

      Thanks for the reply, after work ill jump on and try both servers

      Ill suss out the times for these Dailys and events then, as im sure all active guilds need partcipation at these times.