Suggestion/discussion around increasing rates on a few items to compensate lacking playerbase

    • Suggestion/discussion around increasing rates on a few items to compensate lacking playerbase

      Hi all,

      It's no secret as of late that the active playerbase across all servers has dwindled quite a lot over the past year which happens with all mmorpg's as they age, especially ones like Revelation where it takes many months of grinding to achieve goals, but with the active playerbase lowering that creates a problem where a lot of commonly used items are having their stock depleted and are not equally as commonly dropping for the amount they are used, or will be used in the future.

      Because of that I believe the drop rates (or rates in general) for acquiring many end-game items should be increased by double, potentially triple as a way to compensate the servers populations being significantly lower now. Considering how the rates for these items were designed with a much large playerbase such as CN's in mind, for some of these items we are essentially gated by a lack of population to actually acquire them. As an example on the CN servers, there are servers still with 1k+ active max level players that are doing dailies and weeklies (note the max level, lower level players usually do not contribute to these end-game items unless they are buying hundreds of aurum treasure maps then selling the items they get) and the larger playerbase contributes to many more items coming into the game daily/weekly and that is just today, a year ago when CN was getting the sulan update the population would have been significantly higher.

      There are two good examples of items fitting this description that I want to bring up (but there is others fitting this description), these are badge essences and normal rune boxes, two items that are needed in high quantities for end-game but due to a lower playerbase than designed for these items are not common at all in the case of badge essence, and becoming a lot less common for rune boxes.

      In regards to badge essences, there is only 2 ways (I know of) to acquire badge essences currently, either from aurum treasure maps, or as a rare drop from shadow demons and in both cases a player is considered lucky to receive a badge essence. For treasure maps its considered lucky to get one after doing 20-30+ treasure maps, and for shadow demons its lucky to get one every few months, this is a very low rate. For the highest T5 badge we need 1 badge essence, for T6 we need 4 badge essence, then for T7 which is the end-game badge tier we need 13. Basing off my own luck, and fellow guildies luck, we have opened tens of thousands of shadow demon chests at SD8+, thousands at SD9+, and even hundreds at SD10 (the hardest difficulty which should have the highest drop rates) but we have only received 2 badge essences after all that across us all. By that calculation a single player trying to get 13 badge essence for the T7 badge would need to spend 10 years at least of shadow demon reward chests to get the badge, or do hundreds to thousands of aurum treasure maps. At this stage on my server, even though the server has been around for over a year now, in 2 weeks time when we can create T6 badges I think there will be less than 20 players who actually have 4 badge essences to use on that, and I am highly doubtful there is even a single player with more than 10 badge essences to their name.

      When it comes to normal rune boxes it is a lot more common to see them dropping from shadow demons but these are used much more frequently than badge essences to salvage and combine in an attempt to get an advanced rune box. The rate for the combination to become an advanced rune box is incredibly low though, you can combine hundreds of boxes and not get a single advanced box but the demand to get these items is very high and with how few (on my server I'll be generous and say there is 25 normal rune boxes dropping daily from SD's, for reference this is our current auction house for runes: OzbP2Q3.png) drop daily and weekly it can take months (or even 3/4's of a year) to get a single advanced box all because the rate is designed for a lot larger playerbase.

      The same can be said for a few other items that people commonly ask for events to get on discord such as royal inks for T6/7 pve/pvp marks, or pve/pvp gems in general. All of these items would come into the game through drops naturally at a much better rate if our playerbase was tripled to be the same size as the CN servers but as the playerbase is right now I think the rates are way too low and should be doubled at least with potential to further increase later if these items are still lacking in quantity after a few more months because as they are now it will take years for even 1/4 of the playerbase to get these items.

      Would love to get some other opinions by both short and long-term players (personally I've been around since the first cbt almost 2 years ago now), I'm sure that this would be a very positive change overall though.
    • I don't know if necessarily adjusting the drop rate would completely fix for this. Although the Shadow demons being added to road to greatness seemed to have increased people running it which is good. I am not sure why it isn't there this week again as it was a very good incentive to get players doing it.

      I think something else that could be considered would be getting them into shops as a regular farmable item like everything else. Personally I was surprised that badge essences didn't get added in with the Imperial War shops. They would need to be priced pretty darn high, but it would at least make them an accessible part of the game to ALL players not just some. The same applies to advanced rune boxes. Why shouldn't we be able to buy these, even if the prices for them mean you need to spend most of your points from army coins, imp war points, etc on them each week. It would make strategizing your purchases more important but again, it would make them possible to obtain other then luck.

      One place that could be added to/improved on is the Imperial Merritt store as it is 28 tier beads and 14 dragon spikes a week isn't really even worth remembering to walk over and pick up. The daily limit on these could be increased to help improve the availability of these items. Same with depleted phlogiston. 2 a week is enough to do 1 at most veneration re-roll (maybe half depending on gear piece). That isn't even worth picking up. Things like Argent Phlogiston, Hematite II, or even a bead pouch would be excellent candidate to put in the store with weekly/daily limits.

    • I agree that it may not necessarily fix this completely and completely agree on all the other items you mentioned, something else I forgot to bring up was blueprints for crafted gear but I'm hesitant to suggest a change needs to be made there as I hear after sulan patch the handmade quest has an option to be auto completed which should make a lot more players complete it but as it currently stands there is no where near enough blueprints for new players or even veteran

      The only issue I have with what you have mentioned is that introducing extra methods to farm items requires more time and planning while just having a small tweak on the rates to acquire some items should be a very simple change that can just naturally increase the amount of those items. Regarding the things like merit store that should also be a simple change to allow people extra ways to get those and would be good if possible.