NA servers, which to play on?

    • NA servers, which to play on?

      Hello, I am a new player, I started out the game on darkfall-NA. However, the high level players from guilds like <name removed> are too toxic on darkfall. They antagonize low level players that can't possibly fight back and call it "PVP", but most of these antagonizers will not "PVP" people of the same gear and lvl outside of events, only lowbies. They also brag about making new players quit the game afterwards, and then complain about why BG queues take so long.

      I've only seen such a cancerous community in MOBAs,

      Is this the same way on Divine and Snowpine? I would like to switch to Divine or Snowpine if it has a better community. If it's the same over there then maybe the game is not for me...

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    • Having ran around in several big guilds and also in a small "neutral" guild I only experienced antagonization in places like Starshatter or Deathly Atoll where they had every right to kill me (even if it would be a lot better for guilds to respect neutral guilds especially for lower lvl players). I have also never experienced anyone bragging about making someone quit, and would be sad to see that happen. Personally I have only played on darkfall, but I will directly quote someone who posted on a darkfall discord about their experinece having switched to snowpine: "Snowpine is more fun cuz is casual, There every guild have a chance in cla war for exemple, 7 people from 69 level get thing in cla war, And people there really help in pve content they are friendly" (misspellings and such are not my doing ^~^)

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    • Hello Lei, I am the guild leader of Cupcakes and as adorable as it is to see you slander the members of my guild by some anonymous name I can only recommend activities and actions that could have a positive outcome. For instance I don't recognize your name and the first thing most reasonable people would do is contact the guild leader of said offending guild. If you were to come to me with screenshots or any sort of contextual proof of my members harassing you or bragging about making people quit then I could take action. Since you have offered up no proof even in this medium were you could easily do so and instead limited yourself to an unrestrained and biased opinion of me and my mine. Then it is safe to assume that you chose to remain anonymous for good measure, having no such evidence of any of your accusations to individuals and instead you lash out at the whole.
      I will be honest there are many reasons why resentment would and should be held against my guild from a competitive aspect. First and foremost my members love this game and they love the PvP in this game. I would be the first to say that we have developed a shoot first mentality over a year of competing on this server. Here is the catch, and I have seen this a lot recently if you are caught up in the crossfire of an event, objective or just hanging out in DA then you could very well die to one of my members. This is not the end of the world, you do not suffer even a durability loss to your gear for such things, and I can absolutely guarantee you that trash talking the person or raging in world chat is absolutely the wrong way to go about doing things.
      In PvP events and zones you and yours are not entitled to the rewards and benefits of that area with out due struggle. Although I would prefer everybody get along and grow together as a server <Guild name removed> this is not a given. Everybody has to put in the work as individuals to accomplish their goals in this game and I KNOW it sucks when it looks like someone or some group of people are getting in the way of you reaching said goals. I will stress that approaching each other with some modicum of respect is necessary. I will STRESS that if we appear to be your enemy the only way you can cement that notion is if you Flame, Disrespect or openly trash talk in world, whispers or nearby. This is a PvP centric game, if you play this game with the idea in mind that you won't be killed from time to time then I must insist that you are in the wrong here. If you think it is ok to lash out at those that kill you I can only strongly recommend against that as it is a small world these days and people seem to remember those sort of players.

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