Wandering if there was a way to change my crafting point or reset them

    • I have all my crafting books unlocked just when I was crafting I went a little crazy when putting in points and forgot/ didn't do the guild stuff .
      thinking I had more time to craft and earn more points for them . now I am helping a higher level guild and I am crafting stuff I need to move points to a different place .

      so if by chance if there some thing that can help me if not thank you very much for listening and even reading this .
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    • shortie wrote:

      Is there a way to reset the crafting points and if not thank you ahead a time .
      At South Sulan, the Crafting Tools NPC, sells items for you to reset crafting tree.

      If you are below Lv 40 social, you can purchase the item to reset your whole tree, and if you are above Lv 40, then you can purchase an item to reset a given craft, and another item where you can reset the whole tree node once per week.,
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    • @AttacKat was faster than me to reply xD

      But well...

      Yes, it is possible to reset all or just a few craft books.

      But before you talk about the items there are a few things to consider.
      • Do you really need to reset all points?
      • What is your Social level?
      Regardless of the answer, here is the resolution.

      First, the NPC that sells the item in question is called the Crafting Trainer - Rotfir Waes and can be found in the 3 major cities.

      Sulan - Sulan County (5547, -1682) (updated)
      Sidus Ur - Sidus Ur (1707, 551, 6)
      Fort Whetstone - Commerce Street (-2794, 1170, 337)

      When you start the dialogue and enter the shop option, you can see 6 items.

      If you need to release only a few points, the first two items (Node Dismissal Philter and Ability Dismissal Philter) should suffice.
      However, both have limited use and work differently, where one allows you to "forget" only one craft book and the other a whole node.

      Here's an example of Node and Ability:

      If you use the Node Dismissal Philter, it can only be used once a week.
      In the case of the Ability Dismissal Philter, it can be used once a day.
      Then use them wisely.

      And finally if you really need to reset all recipes, Total Dismissal Philter is the solution, but there's something to keep in mind.
      Your Social level can not have exceeded lvl 40, otherwise you will not be able to use any of these and you will really have to settle for the Node Dismissal Philter and Ability Dismissal Philter.

      - updated for the New Sulan patch

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